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Thanks Nassau County/MTA Police.


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    Apparently he was attacked and that's when he pulled his gun.


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      Why is this guy giving an interview? KEEP YOU DAMN MOUTH SHUT


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        They pulled the comments section from the page... wonder what happened.


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          Originally posted by AtreyuRock View Post
          For locking up an NYPD cop who was taking police action to calm down 4 unruly passengers on the LIRR. What a disgrace.


          I take the LIRR everyday, if a conductor thinks Im getting involved think again. DO NOTHING!

          Play hero when you're working, when you're offduty play it like you're a civilian unless faces with serious physical injury/death.

          My blood is boiling over this.
          Your blood is boiling over this? Dude, relax. You werent there to witness this first hand so despite that article or anything else, non of us here really know all the facts to this story.
          "The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it."


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            Originally posted by NYPDxJx View Post
            Your blood is boiling over this? Dude, relax. You werent there to witness this first hand so despite that article or anything else, non of us here really know all the facts to this story.
            Forget relax. You have a 16 yr NYPD vet, one of my brothers getting collared by our fellow brothers for police action on a train. The fact so many people dont care or are willing to take the word over 4 drunk jerk ranger fans over one of our own, shows me alot of you are the future of this dead job.


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              Do you ride the rails on your pass or do you buy a monthly?


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                Hmm obviously the full story isnt here, but some need to relax. I am sure their was a legit reason for the arrest. If not then its pretty bad. I really am not liking what i am reading from some of you. Pretty much some of you are saying that a cop can do whatever he wants and no matter how bad it is it doesnt warrant a arrest because he is a cop. Sounds kind of scary that some of you are cops or want to be cops with that mentality.

                I understand the brotherhood code but there has to be a line.


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                  Am I the only one who caught his very first words????

                  "I was letting them know, who's boss"

                  Yep, that's exactly what you did chief.....as you were being escorted off the train in bracelets...
                  Great move talking too, talking to the media....I can only imagine you delegate's blood pressure after seeing this.

                  This guy gets my "Genuis of the Year Award"
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                  Went to Get a Cold Pop


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                    I watched in now for the first time and he sure did say that! Tisk tisk ....
                    We ride for those who died!

                    RIP SgtCHP!


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                      lol yea just watched it also. WOW cant believe he said that.


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                        I wonder what the PBA is doing in his favor.


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                          Probably working out his plea deal...

                          The guy just gave a confession and admission, starting with "I showed them who's boss" and ending it by saying his arrest was warranted....

                          There's not much they can do now...besides telling him to lose that sweater before his court date.....
                          Went to Get a Cold Pop


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                            By the time Nassau/Mta were on the scene it was chaos with TONS of witnesses. There was nothing that can be done for him. Believe me NOBODY there was happy at ALL about having to collar him. It is sad and tragic that this happened. To the OP I know your upset with this because hes one of your own but believe me its not a good day for any cop who has to process a brother in blue. The guys I know were not happy about it.

                            This man is not well with the things he was saying and you can get a small hint of that from his interview. Even the reporter was in disbelief that he was talking saying he reacted wrong and the arrest was warranted. Im glad no one was hurt including him, another MOS or passanger. I wonder where this is going to go from here but I wish him well.

                            I never care about a LEO who gets nailed dealing drugs,theft etc. Because that is just a perp who got past the system. They eventually get whats theres. But here is a sad story and over all I wish this guy who is a 16 year vet and who comes from a family of LE well. I hope they can let it go with just getting him the help he needs but I doubt the Libs will let it fly that way.
                            "Stuck with the tag until further notice"

                            Waiting.......would be nice before I was completely gray.


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                              there is no way in hell that they would've arrested him and charged him if it played out the way he said it did. If they were charging at him and a fight broke out, wouldnt he be defending himself by taking out his gun?

                              What protocol would you guys follow in this situation?


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                                Crazy story, even crazier interview. A shame cause if he doesn't get S*it Canned hes looking at a Viper Base or somewhere in CJB for probably the rest of his career. He did seem a little EDP though, but there are guys that act like that.

                                However, the law states that if you are in fear of your safety DPF is justified, and going by what he described, 2 guys charging him after he identified and displayed his weapon means that they had total disregard for their health and safety and a reasonable person could be lead to believe that their life was in danger. Just ask yourself, if that was a female cop, and she fired, how wrong would she have been? I don't know about you but when if I'm drawn out and someone comes at me, that tells me that he has zero regard for his life and is going to take mine. I'm shooting.

                                Granted none of us were there and don't know the details, but still, to collar another cop for that, if that is the real story is a DISGRACE.

                                Just remember this, The reason that we ride the LIRR for free is from when that guy went nuts and started shooting the train up. Sad that they want us to take police action, but I have to say in light of this, I stick by my motto, call 911 and be a good witness, unless SPF or DPF is being dole out on someone. For those of you that don't know the jargon. Someone is getting a beat down or possibly killed.


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