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  • Originally posted by SSD1084 View Post
    1. Our borough task force handles calls all day long at our building and the periimeters.
    2. The school units are there not just for us but remember the private school out there that school safety doesn't cover.
    3. Check that radio press the black button and look for "schools" and turn to ssd 1
    4. The way you speak is almost undermining Highway patrol. 2 good friends of mine are retired highway and they don't answer 52's or school calls so you are saying they are not cops? Hmmm
    5. Be safe and take care of yourself.
    The way you try to compare yourself to us is laughable. You are so out of touch its not even funny.


    • Originally posted by SSD1084 View Post
      I guess in your perfect world that's the case but you have neither. And if everybody respects the gun than what happened in a brooklyn school when a cop told kids to leave the area after a big brawl, and the kids told him where he could go put his baton, then and only then did they move when we arrived without guns. Again you are misinform LINY. So please chime in when you have something productive to say. Have a nice day.
      How am I misinformed? I'm talking about the conversation itself here with Officers disagreeing. You might want to read the above comment.


      • I dont think he is comparing himself, I guess he wants to feel part of the brotherhood of law enforcement. I guess the image of school safety running after elementary school and middle school kids is a bit of a far sighted joke to some, but to them its a job they have to do.

        Mucho props to the SSA's who work in the tough high schools. People do tend to forget big time how high schools are one of the most gang, weapons and drug filled environments in the city. Perimeters included.

        Yea they dont run job to job answering calls but im sure there is more to what they do than just requesting to see your program card upon entering school and "babysitting" the kids. We never really know what the other job is really up to until we play in their shoes.

        I have heard this for numerous of various agencies in the city.

        I have heard "PAPD, Yea, those guys are useless they just kick the bums out of XXX station onto the street and they dont do crap".

        I have heard "MTA, Yea, those guys are useless with their 8 feet of jurisdiction of train track".

        I have heard "Nassau PD, Yea, those guys have it good in cupcake land, barely any crime out there, useless to pay them XXX,XXX dollars a year".

        You name it, a NYPD cop has got it for the other agency. Guy I have to break it to you, yes we may be on the "biggest job", but we sure as hell aint on the best job. We still get schlepped to nonsense details and write nonsense C summonses. Yep, we may be in every movie known to earth but we know we are not as glamourous as they make it seem we are. We are still the most underpaid PD on the East Coast as well as the most overworked.
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        Captain Square Badge, reporting for duty!.


        • I have had nothing but teeth sucking experiences with SSD.


          • I think it's mixed in my opinion. Sure, they're not running to 10-13's/85's, robberies, and so forth, but they seem to be dealing with a lot of future perps who do occasionally come armed and they do keep the Schools safer then they would be. I think having them replaced with a real NYPD counterpart would be better. I'm not really a fan of the multiple unarmed Quasi-Law Enforcement Agencies NYC has. Make a division like they have with DV for example. However, they are considered Law Enforcement Officers when it comes to that. ODMP.org lists them as well. Police Officers? No. LEO's? Yes. I agree with Atreyu on some level. I hear regular Sector cars pick up jobs at Schools that SSD should be able to handle, but can't or don't.
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            • Well if we treat them like crap, why should they treat us any better?

              Same goes for Corrections and whatever other agency there is.

              Its a two way street. If we go hard and bad first, their smalled agency will all know what has happened and will have negativities towards us.
              Captain Square Badge, reporting for duty!.


              • First off, anything heavy we respond and we take care of. They dont replace us at the schools, they assist. Most of the time school jobs would come over and we would still have to handle it b/c school safety sat on their asses and did nothing. Whereever you people get your ideas that school safety is out there handling school jobs so we dont have to, you need to talk to more cops and stop getting your opinion from people who dont have a clue.


                • Originally posted by AtreyuRock View Post
                  You dont have to "believe it". If you want to make issue of my status as a police officer, contact the admin who I will with no thought prove who I am. However, you will have to do the same. Let me know if you want to continue this either in public or through pm. Giddy up, cowboy.
                  We can do that I am legit all the way around through and through and a few LEO's I work with on here can verify it as well. No need for me to lie now as you were, your issue with not with SSD its with 1PP and as I stated Peace officers serve an LE function in the state of NY.


                  • Originally posted by AtreyuRock View Post
                    First off, anything heavy we respond and we take care of. They dont replace us at the schools, they assist. Most of the time school jobs would come over and we would still have to handle it b/c school safety sat on their asses and did nothing. Whereever you people get your ideas that school safety is out there handling school jobs so we dont have to, you need to talk to more cops and stop getting your opinion from people who dont have a clue.
                    You sure have a hard on for SSO's huh?


                    • Yeah, it does seem like some of you guys are actually UPSET over the whole white car thing. My advice to you is to get over it. Were about 3500 strong, and we aren't going anywhere. We drive white vehicles, we make collars, we even get trained at "your" academy. You are right though, we aren't police officers. But we never said we were. We do however do a lot of "police officer things" and that's not changing either so I guess you'll have to get used to it. Some cops I meet have some really HUGE egos. I can't say I really hold it against them though, as I have a pretty big ego myself. After all, I've managed to make 3 felony collars, and a crapload of misd. I've collared more adults than kids, and more than my share of gang members. I've taken collars citywide in every borough except SI, and managed to do it without a gun, without an asp, and without spray. I've used my tactics, my backup, and my b*lls to get the job done. Ive watched most of my coworkers do the same. Considering the circumstances, I feel MY ego is well earned, and minor insults from cops that can't control thiers cant/won't affect me, nor will it effect or change my attitude towards the rest of the force who act like we're all one. I've personally witnessed other agencies being treated badly in pcts. Wht do you care if TBTA, or hospital police, or TLC, or school safety take a collr? if it bothers you so much that school safety driving white cars is hurting the deprtment image than START WRITING LETTERS, instead of internet rants. One last point to make...you mentioned that you hear and respond to sssooo many of our jobs because we can't handle it? FYI, we have over 200 armed police officers assigned to our division, and it still goes off right in front of them. I don't care how experienced you think you may be, but when 500 students start rioting and your stuck in the middle, no firearm or police officer status is gonna save your ***. Your backup is what matters, and that's what we call for. We call for our task force and response from the pct. Were all ONE aren't we? Oh yeah I forgot, as per some of the p.o.'s chiming in we are supposed to call 911 and take cover under a desk until they arrive. Get serious guys, ur not just insulting school safety, your insulting every smaller agency in the city. Ill say it over and over: YOU GUYS DO A GREAT JOB POLICING NYC...BUT YOU DON'T DO IT ALONE...


                      • Hey Import no need to explain yourself I know exactly where you are coming from and If I happen to be getting my *** kicked you can back me up any day of the week.

                        Never had a problem with SSO's and more than a few have gotten courtesy from me.

                        Always remember we (PO's and Peace Officers) NEVER fight fare


                        • Amazing LINY, we do go to 13, and 85's on more than one occasion and not just for our own SSO'S but for the po's too. And the pct CO'S thank us and so do the PO'S. As for the school jobs answered by.the pct well you can thank some principals for that. They hate the fact that they are not our bosses and they do not want to disclose information to our "in house" guys so they dial 911 and most of the time the agents had no clue you were called. Trust me our uniform task force"PO'S" know we have there back they have ours. I will end with this, brooklyn school may/june of 2009: large 52 on 3rd floor agent calls for some units to 85 her on the 3rd floor while school safety is handling the 52 here comes the armed po, the students turned on him because he thought he was the "LAW" little did he know the crowd would just keep growing, now he calls a 13 because he can't shoot anyone and ends up spraying the whole floor 13 people went to the hospital thanks to the spray, now upon review of the video it seems the po was frightened with the number of people on one floor and they were nowhere near the po. But that goes to show you you can say anything you want about us butit doesn't matter we know what we do and that's that. As for my lazy commrades it is what it is! They makes us look bad as some po's make you guys look bad. Have a nice day!
                          ....I would rather be judged by 12, than carried by 6...


                          • I am a California copper who dragged onto this on a thread follow, but I found it interesting because this same Specialty Officer VS Regular Officer discussion goes on in every state.

                            I worked specialty policing for 7 years before becoming a regular officer 14 years ago. I am now a burglary detective, just to establish my experience.

                            My opinion of specialty PD's is the same now as it ever was. They should not exist, period. Yes I did it, because at the time we were, like now, in a hiring rut and it helped clear up my background, so it was good for me. But it is nontheless a mistake to have such agencies. Why?

                            Well, first off your either a cop or not. What is a cop? He is the guy you call when the poop hits the fan. Would you call a school cop if there was a Columbine type shooting on campus? You bet you would. Who ran to the WTC just as fast as anyone? The Transit cops did.

                            Second is that specialty cops often get paid less and have less training. So does a cop require a specific amount of training or not? Of course they do? Should a cop get a certain pay or not? Of course they should?

                            So if all these guys have cop responsibilities or at least potentialy could, why should they not all be full fledged cops, with the same pay and training? The answer is that the cities want to save a buck, and frankly, $$ is what its all about. The NYC does not want to make all these cop jobs into full NYPD because they would have to pay and train them the same and that would cost money. Honestly would any NYPD care about these guys looking like NYPD if they made more money and had more training?

                            Let me ask you this, cause I trully dont know the local pay salaries, does the widow of a Transit cop from 9-11 get the same pay as the widow of a NYPD cop from 9-11? If not, then that's my whole point right there.

                            If specialty PD's did not exist, then you would have only specialty assignments instead. You send every body to the same academy and they build up general expertise working the same streets. Then when they want to promote they start working specilaties like schools or transit or such. Then all you guys who are now working as wanna be's would have more jobs to apply for and a better chance of getting on NYPD or whatever.
                            Originally posted by FJDave
                            GM, you have just set the bar that much higher for the rest of us in our witty, sarcastic responses. I yield to you! Good job, kind Sir!

                            District B13
                            "We are not cops nor Feds." yet he still poses as an officer Hmmmm

                            Grant us grace, fearlessly, to contend against evil and to make no peace with oppression.--WWII memorial

                            "I have loved justice and hated iniquity, therefore I die in exile."

                            Pope Gregory V II


                            • ^^^^ your opinion is greatly respected but in this case it has no bearing on NYPD operations. NYPD is a totally different animal. NYPD obsorbed Transit PD and Housing PD back in 1994. A couple of years later it obsorded NYC board of education school safety and NYC Traffic enforcement. All are under the NYPD now, school safety have peace officer status in NYS and traffic are civilians but they can write "some moving violations". School safety can make arrest in and around school grounds. They are not armed but they have cuffs and a radio.

                              The issue in this thread is the vehicles they drive. School safety use to drive blue and white rmp's and traffic use to drive Brown vehicles before they moved to the blue like school safety however now they drive white and blue rmp's that look exactly like regular NYPD patrol cars with the execption on the hood and trunk it will either say in bule letters school safety or TRAFFIC.

                              Some NYPD officers disapprove of this because it gives the false impression there are more cops on the street and that Sso's and traffic are not qualified situations if someone flags them down thinking they are cops.

                              I agree with them that there some be some distinction between who is who because the general public doesn't know the difference but what I don't agree with is the holier than thou. Attitude that is leveled at those who are not police officers, yes you have your tools in every agency but at the end of the day some mope doesn't give 2 shyts about what your status is the mere fact they see that uniform they will try to harm you just the same. All of us in Law enforcement are all we have and we have to stick together and back each other up.


                              • Why is everbody getting hyped up about this? School Safety, and Traffic are all the NYPD. It's the same department, just special units in the department. ESU is a special unit, why is nobdy complaining about them? Because there real cops? Their still all law enforcement officers. NYC Sheriff, ACS Police, all those other agencies are all titled police. My definition of police is somebody who helps you when your introuble. I think all these agencies meet that requirement.


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