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Taking NYPD exam in october


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  • Taking NYPD exam in october

    I am taking the police exam in october and i am confident that I will pass it.. What is the hardest part of the process of becoming a police officer??

    I heard the written psychological test is hard. Is it true? and why?

    and is there anything I should know when going into this?

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    make sure you studied and took the practice exams they give and the hardest part in the process...I'd say is getting called for the next academy class. Written psych is just really long, not hard. Oh and in the exam, there is a memory part....remember everything you see in the picture, your going to get asked some general and specific questions about the picture (5mins or so to look at it i forgot)


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      sitting at the medical for 8 hours........


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        Memory will probably be the most difficult.


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          Originally posted by NYRangers718
          Here's a memory trick I used...just remember the time and streets. When it comes to the license plates (if there are any) try this method:

          For example: BXT 2249

          I would say this in my head...

          Bronx Traffic Febuary 24th 2009

          I don't know if this helps or makes any sense to you but it worked for me and I got all the memory right. Good Luck!!!
          On the practice test they barely asked that. They asked which hand a bag was in on a lady, and what kind of bag it was - how many street lights there are - and the price of a chef's salad.


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            Thanks for all of your advice.... I took all of the practice tests and did good... the only problem I had was when they asked me to remember the street names and they had numbers on certain streets...i dont know it was weird... i am pretty good with memory though if i study it for a few minutes..i think i will be good with the exam.. i just have to be patient.. i want this soooo bad


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              Originally posted by NYRangers718
              On my test there was a scenerio involving cars and you needed to answer questions about the plates. Just in case there are cars Im just offering some friendly advice. Like I said Good Luck! It's all common sense and don't let it rattle you.
              They probably change it around or the questions are different on the real test. Thanks for the advice, and it's probably still that way as licenses are the most important detail when it comes to memorization.

              EDIT: I did it and I got a 94. It was pretty easy, including memorization. The plates were asked on one question, but the rest had to do with other details, such as who's holding what, who is where, who is who, etc.
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