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Bronx Task Force on Child Abuse Prevention?


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  • Bronx Task Force on Child Abuse Prevention?

    I just heard about this agency, but can't find much info on them other than their officers wear full uniform( and they have lights and sirens in their cars( Is the agency still active? Are they peace officers? Are they armed? I appreciate any info.
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    I heard of them a few years ago and they did have a website up. Since then, it disapeared and havent heard anything from them.
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      Up until 2008, any "society for the prevention of cruelty to children" could obtain peace officer status with firearms for their "officers." Once given peace officer status, they could investigate reports of abuse and remove children (little to know training beyond the basic peace officer course was required). The groups were allowed to operate as peace officers based on an old law that was established more than 100 years ago. Since the 1970's, NYS mandated that each county provide a system to ensure the all abuse/neglect reports are investigated. That is why there is the 1800 number for reporting child abuse in NY. All peace officer status was removed and "societies for the prevention of cruelty to children" are no longer allowed to investigate reports, remove children, and conduct business as peace officers. In NYC, ACS (administration for children's services) is the agency that investigates all reports of abuse neglect for all 5 boroughs.

      There was another agency in Brooklyn that operated as peace officers under the umbrella of a "society for the prevention of cruelty to children." They were shut down a few years ago. Regarding the Bronx task force, they may still be around, however, they have no powers to enforce, investigate, remove...anyone or anything.

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        They call themselves the Bronx Task Force, but do not confuse them with the NYPD unit of the same name.

        I do not know all the details and I am sure someone will add to this, but the "Bronx Task Force" had a few problems. They had their car taken away by the city, it was made to look just like an NYPD slick top, with lights and sirens. I know that more than once, cops I worked with gave them summones. They once made claims that they found hundreds of missing kids, but the local precincts could not verify a single incident of that happening.

        I have seen them in action, a bunch of "uber buffs" who had no authority to do anything but who would start something, then call 911 or have 911 called on them. I responded to a call where they got involved in a dispute over a illegal parking with a civilian and threatened to arrest him, the civilian called their bluff and called 911, at that point they fled to their office and parked the car and went home.

        I am since retired but I hope they never got their car back.
        They are a sorry bunch of loser wanna-be cops.
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          I remember reading somewhere that the main purpose of agencies such as the "Bronx Task Force" was to allow people an easy way to skirt CCW laws in NYC.

          There were quite a few questionable investigators and connected guys who were members of such organizations over the years.


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            A lot of these organzations were glorified gun clubs and/or a scam to legally carry a firearm
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              This is not an agency of any state, local or federal government, they are a volunteer organization affiliated with no one, that answered to no one.

              It has been several years since I have dealt with them, but they no longer can carry on the creds, they need a pistol permit. Any that I saw with a firearm always had a permit. Believe it or not, there was one or two that were retired cops. If they were in uniform, sometimes they would have a gunbelt on, I would always ask to see the permits.

              I do not know if they did it to skirt CCW laws, but they were there own best press agents, always going to parades and community functions getting there picture taken with local politicians and such. I think they also went to New Orleans after Katrina (and of course, got their pictures taken).

              I always thought it amazing how many people, even cops, thought them legit, you could just throw a paint job on a car, throw a uniform on, and act like you belong, and people will believe you.

              I am sure if they got their car back tomorrow, they would be out saturday night, on patrol in the north Bronx, and very few would question them. To any NYPD, if you see them, bang them with as many summonses as you can. They are FRAUDS.

              If you run across one of these guys, talk to them about what they do and just listen to what they tell you, then start questioning it and try to verify it, see what the reaction is.
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