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nypd swim test


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  • nypd swim test

    Do have to take a swim test in the nypd academy. Thanks!!
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    from what i understand it's more of a 'water safety' day than a formal swim test, but what the hell do i know.
    wait til someone who has actually done it chimes in.
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    all done. waiting...


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      If I remember it correctly, it was like 2 hours long and they show you how to get in and out of a pool correctly, as well as how to make a human chain link to get a person out of the water. They also tell you to swim to one side of the pool and back.

      If you do not know how to swim you can put on a life vest and grab on the sides and drag yourself, no penalty for non-swimmers. If you "do" know how to swim and they have to pull you out with a hook because you suddenly forgot how to swim, your gonna get punished with humiliation by the instructors.
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        It should not be classified as a "swim" test. It is more of an "introduction to water" class.


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