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NYPD Educational Hold Question


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  • NYPD Educational Hold Question

    I just did a quick search and nothing really came up - so here goes.

    I took exam #4004 way back in Oct (?) 2004. When I was called I didn't have the college credits, so they placed me on educational hold. I got my associates two years ago and gave some thought to the NYPD again now that the starting salary is somewhat reasonable.

    How exactly does educational hold work? I was under the impression that the list I was on should just be expiring or expired. Is it still possible to get on with that list due to the hold? Someone I spoke to recently who works at the range in the Bronx told me to inquire because he thought I should still be OK. I signed up for the next test anyway, but I figured clarification was needed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Dont worry, but hurry

    I was in the same situation. took the test but didn't have a license, credits, age, or even a high school diploma. then I meet all the requirement 3 years later then i just simply went down there to APD and reopen my case. No problem what so ever. However, exam 4004 expires in December of this year so get on the ball and get your paper work in. Pm me if you got and more Questions.


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      Thanks for the info!

      Looks like I will be a tad busy this week.


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        Use this exam ASAP. You will have amazing seniority in your impact class in regards to vacation picks.
        Captain Square Badge, reporting for duty!.


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          Called APD this morning and I have plans to get over there this week.

          Funny part of this is I am ten minutes from Lefrak right now, but don't have my transcript with me. I work all over and rarely leave Nassau (air conditioning and heating).


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