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    I recently took the 8000 test for NYPD and got a letter to show up for the Medical Exam. In the letter it states that if I'm a naturalized citizen I have to bring my certificate with me to the appointment. I have misplaced it somewhere and have not been able to locate it. I think it's lost for good. Looked into getting a replacement and noticed that the turnaround time for getting a new one is 11 months long and I haven't been able to find any information whether you can accelerate the process. Is there any other form of proof that I'm a citizen will the NYPD processors take at the medical exam or am I screwed and will have to reschedule the appointment till I get a replacement?
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    Not sure bro, but its not looking good. I had to bring mine to medical. They don't look at it there, but the reason to bring it is so you can write down you citizenship number which is written on you naturalization certificate. You will need to do it at the medical. How the hell do you lose an important paper like this? If you do get past the medical somehow ( if u have the actual # somewhere else), your BI will need to see the actual paper itself in order to process you.

    Good luck
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      ok, you will not be able to join NYPD in january if u dont find it. there is no substitute for it, inasmuch as your passport says that it is proof of citizenship. so you can accelerate the process but it is something like 7 mos i think. you will need to postpone being a cop till july or find it. hope this helps. im 100% sure about this.....


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        when i went to see my BI she gave me a letter so I can get my certificate faster. took a total of about 3 weeks
        i was a citizen prior to this and just had a passport, never thought i'd actually need a naturalization certificate too


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          Hey I'm in a similar situation, I have my paper but it has the wrong country of birth. I have my medical in about 2 months, I was wondering if I should mail it out for it to get fixed and make server all copies of it or should I keep the physical copy? Any info would be appreciated thanks
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