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Anybody apply in NM?


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  • Anybody apply in NM?

    Has any one applied at any department around the state and if so how is the process going?
    Thank You & Stay Safe.

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    I have an application w/ Santa Fe PD. It's been going fairly smooth so far. I'm actually headed out there the second week of September to (hopefully) finish up the rest of the hiring process.


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      I live here in N.M. and am currently trying out for a few departments. Just trying to get credit and finances settled before I do. A.P.D. is hiring alot of people right now and is a pretty fair department. I am going out for others. There are alot of towns around here that are hiring though and alot of academies going on at the same time. There is a town about 20 miles from Albuquerque called Moriarity. They are very under staffed with about 7 officers for the the whole town of about 20,000. The hiring process takes up to 6 months on average. Some guys get swooped in faster, just depends on background. Hope all that helped


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        Has anyone been out of state certified and had to send in paperwork to the state to be accepted as a lateral transfer? If so, what type of paper work did they want? I have the paper work they are asking for, but, my agency doesn't notorize anything.

        Also, what was the turn around time from sending in the paper work to get an answer?

        Any info would be appreciated.

        Just did APD process. I like the way they handle their business. From the physcial agility to the testing, it was a smooth process. The officers were about their business, yet, they allowed themselves to be encouraging to the people who had some issues. That something I like to see with a dept. that is trying to get people, not just anyone, but, people who are willing to make an effort.

        I saw one officer who put me off. Not of going through the process, but, just from one officer to another, nope, it was hard to stomach.

        I am not thrilled with the pay at all. Not by a long shot, however, the area is beautiful and the people I ran into were decent. I've heard good things about the officers and how they handle their business, so, I'm still in it.


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          I have worked at Tucumcari PD, Sandoval County Sheriff's Office and now I'm finally at a good department. I work for Bernalillo PD. Stay away from Sandoval County Sheriff's Office if you want to work with cops with questionable backgrounds and horrible administration.


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            thank you, but, do you have any info on albuquerque? I still haven't heard anything back, which is surprising as they move pretty quickly.


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              things to do

              I'm new in Albuquerque and there is alot of things to do. There are diffently plenty of bars and clubs. Yoy can go hke in the Sandia's or gamble at the casinos. You won't be bored here. I love Albuquerque. This my home now. You'll love it. You know you want to know what there is to do but honestly there's no time. I never have time. Work, sleep be with me kids NO TIME when your a cop.


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                Hey thin blue isn't Fred R. Your Chief up there?


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                  Yep Fred is the chief.


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                    thinblue, just sent ya a PM


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