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  • Albuquerque PD Q & A

    I just have some questions and was hoping to get a little more info before sending my app in and flying all over the country. I am currently a certified Police Officer in VT, and have been working at my current department for 2 years. I’m also part time communications certified at my department. Have a pretty good reputation here (hard worker, high arrest, go getter, bitch a lot about the department and the politics) Little College, but 4 ½ year s in the Army. Only 24, so I have some time. I’m willing to do another academy, but lateral would be great. I’m up for whatever.

    1. How is moral, leadership for the department?

    2. How is the equipment? Cruisers, computers, weapons? How technological advanced are they?

    3. How are the medical benefits & retirement (the website doesn’t really cover much of it)? Do you get medical after retirement? How’s the pay and pay scale? How long to top out?

    4. How hard is it to advance and get onto specialized units (swat, K9, etc...)?

    5. Is the salary enough to live comfortably in the city/surrounding areas, or do most officers need other jobs?

    6. How is the overtime?

    7.What are the shifts like, are they swing (hopefully 4/10’s like I work)? What are the hours?

    8. What are the best/worst things about the department and city?

    Sorry for the lengthy questions, but it’s hard to get straight answers from recruiters and cops you meet on the street. So of you may see this same post on other state boards, but I need to get out of VT and go a to larger PD with more opportunities and a lower cost of living. I’m open for many parts of the country and really I’m looking forward to finding the place where I will do my next 20 and out!

    Thanks and stay safe.

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