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If you value your career in LE stay clear of Artesia PD N.M.


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  • If you value your career in LE stay clear of Artesia PD N.M.

    Stay away from Artesia PD!
    In the past 1 1/2 years they have fired or forced more than 35 Officers to leave.

    The work environment can't get anymore hostile as it is at this point!
    If you want to keep your career be warned and sign up somewhere else!

    10 former Artesia PD Officers are filing a lawsuit against the city.

    Always be safe

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    So what's the deal with them, is the Chief thats screwing things up or the higher ups?


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      Oh Boy, where to begin and tell you about Artesia PD?

      At this moment there is no chief. The last chief was temporary and after he helped screw up things even more he left after 8 month.

      In charge is the Captain. A woman who was promoted from patrol officer to Captain ( failed the academy twice! ). She and her pets have been working on getting rid of everyone they don't like or see as a threat.

      The Mayor and City council have not once backed up any of the officers that were recommended for termination or those who resigned after complaining about their situation.

      Last year 18 officers went before City Council and complained about the hostile work conditions and all but 4 were either fired or harrased till they had enough and quit.

      Constant write up's, suspension, police rights violations, SOP violations were commited and had become almost a daily thing.

      Recruitment of new officers promotes the opportunity to become a member of specialty teams that don't excist and no one is around to train you for.

      Several applicants for the posted chiefs position made the trip to Artesia for nothing and ended up declining, because of a sudden they were told that they only would be hired as Deputy Chief.

      Promotions are not based on merit and experience but rather on if they like you.

      They don't even shy back from fabricating charges against officers to have them terminated nearly ruining their career in LE.

      There is tons more to tell, but this message would turn into a script for a TV cop show.

      Be safe
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        First case against the City of Artesia N.M. set for September

        The first case against the city by a former Artesia police officer has been set for trial in a pre-trial converence today. The officers case will be heard before Magistrate Court in Carlsbad N.M. in September.


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          Artesia Has A Deputy Chief Now

          William Hoggard who began working with APD as a patrol officer in July of this year, was appointed as the Deputy Police Chief Wednesday.

          Meanwhile four more Officers resigned this month!

          Several Officers who had quit have been approached and were more or less begged to come back and work for Artesia PD again with promises to keep their previous seniority, more money, etc. They have declined and are happy in their new jobs with other law enforcement agencies.


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            Council appoints new police chief for Artesia

            Appointed was Donald Raley, an officer with 22 years in law enforcement.
            Raley currently serves as deputy chief of the Gallup Police Department in Gallup, N.M., having retired from the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office in 2004.

            Additionally, three certified police officers were hired. However, four officers quit this month, so the city really isn't coming out ahead.

            Let's hope this new chief won't be fooled and sees what is going on here and puts a stop to the madness.

            BTW, the captain is now "Commander of support services".
            In my opinion she only supports herself and her pets.


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              Sounds like a bad deal. Hope things get back on track.
              Some people were just dropped on their heads as children more than the rest of us!


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                Well it's been about 4 months since an update on what is happening in Artesia. Just kind of curious as I knew Don Raley MANY years ago and figured that he would do a good job. SO how are things working out?


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                  Things are going well. The department is almost fully staffed (3 short). The Chief has resructured the department and changed the shifts so we are getting 15 days a month off including every other weekend.

                  As far as I'm concerned Chief Raley is the doing a fine job.

                  While we've had some ups and downs, the information on previous posts has been overblown, exaggerated or flat incorrect. Just a couple of malcontents with an axe to grind.
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                    Response to APDCop

                    Well APDCop apparently you haven't been around long enough to know about everything that has been gong on within the Artesia PD prior to the hiring of Chief Raley. According to your profile, you are 43ys old and have only been a sworn officer for 2 years. The problems began in APD over 3 years ago. While Raley has done much to improve the situation at the PD, there is still much to be done. Also before you state that prior postings are incorrect I suggest you do a little research. The department went through over 35 officers in less than 2 years and I have been acquainted with most of them. If you really are an officer with APD then you should wonder why they brought in so many people as sergeants prior to promoting anyone from within. And just for general info, most those hirings were done prior to Raley taking office so he had no input in the structuring of the patrol. If you look further into APD's history you would find out that under Chief Mounts the department was also fully staffed. Until a structure is put in place to protect the rights of the officers and the general status of the department, a change in command can recreate havoc again. One officer may be considered a "malcontent", 35 officers along with dispatchers, detention and records show a clear and present problem. I wish Raley the best of luck however the City along with the department administrators who were in place prior to Raley still have to answer to the public by way of lawsuits, pending lawsuits and pending investigations.


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                      A chance to respond from within

                      While this department has gone through some ups and downs, it is a great department to work for. I think people that actually work here should be the ones talking about it. For example every Sgt in the patrol division was promoted from within. With the exception of one Officer, the Patrol Sgts are the 4 Officers that have the most seniority in the department (and that 1 doesn't want to be a Sgt). While there are problems from the past, every small department has them, this one has gotten past them, and has a bright future with allot of opportunity. Those that speak of things from 2-3-4-5 years ago need to understand that the time has come to let it go. If you've moved on so be it, let the rest of us, and don't pretend to know any longer what happens or is happening here because those on the outside don't know. The hirings and the results that are being turned in by Officer's in this department speak for themselves. This department isn't that department any longer. The Chief and Deputy Chief have turned this department into one that I am proud to work for and proud to tell anyone that they should come and apply. I am a proud patrol Sgt in the Artesia Police Department.


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                        ... and dozens of guy's who also did a great job, cared about the Artesia community and had a life here were in most cases unrightfully fired or forced out, because they didn't "get with the program" and ended up paving the way and ultimatly got fired to make room for the new.

                        So yes, you're probably right!
                        The ones that fought for their rights and then fututure officers with APD should just move on and forget about the fact that a couple of individuals with personal grudges against them did everything they could to get rid of those who were in their way or did not want to play by their rules

                        Sadly, those individials are still within your ranks along with their back up's on city council and all I can say to the new officers is watch your back.

                        Fact is, almost everything that the new Department has received in regard to structure, training, rules and regulations that are in place now is exactly what the past officers had wanted and went before city council to ask for and complain about and did not get. Instead they got the boot one by one.

                        Also, while it is true that the 4 patrol sgt's now are the ones with most seniority you all did not get promoted till after the new officers were hired and sgt's first!

                        If you think the past officer's don't know anymore what is going on within the department you're mistaken. Do you really think that people don't talk to eachother, kept up friendships and still hang out and discuss the old and new, the good, the bad and the ugly? I suppose since you're not invited you wouldn't know, but let me tell you, the discussion about now and then is very much alive.

                        Anyway, this thread was started out of frustration with the situation before and I'm glad things are going well, however it is far from over for the officers and their families who were treated like crap and had to endure so much and still do.

                        I'm only the wife of one of these officers and yes i'm angry and hurt about what had been going on. While you think it is time to move on, I sit here and think about all that my family and the others have lost. So we should just sit here keep our mouth shut and pretend nothing ever happened and take our loses, start from the beginning somewhere else like so many had to do and just live with it!?

                        Well, we don't have another choice now do we?

                        In a way the APD is like Main Street everything pretty and nice showing those who pass through how great everything is while the side roads are full of cracks and holes nobody cares about! The residents on the side streets just have to live with it too!

                        I can understand that you want to defend the APD now, but like I said this thread is about what had been going on before and is happening still. With the intend to let others know about future court cases and their outcome.

                        So if you want to tell people about how wonderful it is to work for APD now a days I suggest you start your own thread and promote. Let us dwell in the past while you move on. But no worries, the rest will move on too eventually. When justice has been served!

                        Well Red talk at ya later and congradulations on sgt.
                        BTW, the one. who was to be promoted and doesn't want to be a sgt. would be one of those who deserve it, because he is a great cop!
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                          Is it hard to get on with Artesia Police or on as a Police community?


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