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  • Christie, Pensions, Medical Bennies

    I'm surprised this isn't a thread on the New Jersey Forum already, but I was just wondering if anyone else has an opinion about what may become of New Jersey's Benefits and pension package over the next year if Christie gets his way. If he's really going make a go at the presidency in 2016, the benefits and pension reform would probably be a major part of what he'll run on, so I can see some kind of movement happening over the next year.

    I've heard he wants a 401K system similar to what RI offer's their employees, and 50% medical contribution (Which is pretty crazy).

    Any thoughts on what might happen, both for the negative and the positive?
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    I think he burned his bridges with his shady dealings. As far as the pensions, the unions will fight him til the death. The assembly and senate seem to be falling back in our favor.......for now.
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