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NH Liquor Enforcement hiring PT officer, Concord


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  • NH Liquor Enforcement hiring PT officer, Concord

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    There is now a full time position posted. Anyone know how big of a department they are? What their jurisdictional bounds are? Are they assigned to a local SP Barracks?


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      I am not really sure how large they are. They are not assigned to a barracks like SP rather they are situated in a very small building just off of i393 in concord

      Their bounds are with in the state (and a few miles out side I believe)

      Work mostly evenings/nights and weekends doing bar audits.
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        NHSP ADMIN, thank you for the response. When I saw that the working conditions require anywhere in the state, I just assumed it was similar to the SP, in that you would have a regional office or be located in conjunction with SP. So their station is in Concord, but they would have to drive up to Conway to do an audit? Do they have take home vehicles? Work details? Thanks


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          They usually only have 8 hours that are office hours the rest of there time is done in the field. They do have take home cars and they are assigned to regions. When they make an arrest they would use a local PD. They have jurisdiction state wide and do a lot with DWI enforcement as well.


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