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  • Ghosted by a department

    This is just a rant about the hiring process. I'm in process with a large department that has, for a lack of a better term, forgotten I exist. It should be noted that the process was unorganized from the start. After I passed the written and the fitness tests I received several emails from the department asking where I was in the process as they had lost track.

    Passed the written in July.
    Passed the fitness in August.
    Submitted background in August.
    My employer and references were contacted in September.
    Then everything stopped. I was never contacted by an investigator.

    We were told we would be contacted in October regardless if we were moving up in the process or not as the hiring board was meeting in November. If you were not moving up, you'd be notified by mail.

    I reached out to the backgrounds office in October - no response.
    Sent another email in November - no response.
    Left two voicemails in December - no response.
    I learned the backgrounds assistant had been replaced sometime in late 2019 and I got the contact info for the replacement.
    Left a voicemail with the replacement in December - no response.
    Sent another email first week of January - no response.
    Sent another email second week of January - no response.

    The spring academy started January 13 so I can safely state I won't be in it.

    Has this happened to anyone else?! This isn't the first time I've been through the process and I understand the somewhat secretive nature of it. But to be completely forgotten about and then ignored is a different subject all together.

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    There can be multiple explanations for this happening but I'd suggest to apply with someone else and don't waste your time.
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      Originally posted by COMoparfan392 View Post
      There can be multiple explanations for this happening but I'd suggest to apply with someone else and don't waste your time.
      Oh I have.

      I'm not having too much luck there either. Next week will be a year since my application. Background submitted beginning of December and I was told to expect an answer either way before the end of 2019. Two weeks past that date, I still haven't heard anything.


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        I've been in that position with a big department in CA. It's frustrating and can knock your moral down a few notches but don't give up . If you know it has something to do with your background give it some time and start applying again . There's no real answer as to why there's periods of silence or just completely forgot about . We've all been there. Don't show your frustration with anyone and be sure to sound polite and professional during all interactions with department personnel . Trust me I been in your position .
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          Who knows what happened? Maybe no one.

          Maybe you got a bad reference and your application was put in the shredder.

          Maybe it's sitting in the pile for the next class and they haven't gotten to notifying you yet.

          Maybe the replacement person just went on maternity leave for 12 weeks, and nothing is moving forward.

          Of course no one wants to return your calls or emails. That would involve tracking down your application in the pile of paperwork, and they have better things to do.

          Welcome to large bureaucracies, where you are nothing more than a social security number on a spreadsheet.

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