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    anyone apply or interview for the Clark County Deputy Marshals ?

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    A friend of a friend works for Clark County Detentions.
    He told us they had something like 1200 applicants for corrections---and 1200 for the marshal.
    2400 total---about.
    Corrections was hiring 4-6 people.
    Marshal was hiring 8-10.
    Horrible odds.
    Same thing last year.
    I was in group 1 for both test last year and never got called.
    Waaaaaaaaaaaay too much competition.

    How far along are you?
    Good luck.


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      LVMPD Corrections Officers and Clark County Courts Marshals are completely separate entities. I would not say that CCCMD gets in the area of 100-150 applicants each application period. The oral board is significantly important to making the list.
      Decent job. The pay could be better, but we have an active union who is doing their best.


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        Agreed Vanguard.
        The tests my friend was referring to was the one posted on
        3 test:
        --Corrections Officer
        --Municipal Court Marshal
        --Deputy City Marshal
        All three look like great career paths to take.
        But the competition is waaaay too high.
        2400 people for less than 30 jobs.
        A lot less.
        Unless of course you have info that says otherwise.
        I prefer first hand info on the amount of people each dept. is hiring.
        I'm in NO WAY trying to persuade people from applying when it opens up again.
        I'm just passing along info I was told.
        I'd love to be employed by any of these departments, it's just seems like something that prob.wont happen.
        Anybody have more insight? Do tell!
        Good luck to all those that ARE in the process.


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          I've heard the same in regards to the number of people applying for the Court and/or City Marshal positions vs. the number of positions available. The odds are definitely stacked against you. Great job to get, but I've also heard knowing someone on the inside helps your chances considerably.


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            Put it like this... If you don't apply, then you don't have to worry about getting hired. There is always competition with any employment posting. I understand your thought process but don't be discouraged by the number of applicants, if you want it, then go get it.


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              Originally posted by Balynce View Post
              I've also heard knowing someone on the inside helps your chances considerably.
              Unfortunately I've heard this too. Numerous times.
              Most notably and reliably from my neighbor's daughter who has worked in an administrative position for the city for 9 years.
              The situation exists {seemingly} in many departments in Vegas.
              According to her the higher up you are, the easier it is to 'get somebody in'.
              Of course I tried to get her to help me, but that was almost 2 years ago so I guess that ain't gonna happen. I think she regrets telling me, so I gave up.

              I wasn't going to throw that out there figuring it's not an official stance of any dept.
              But since that can of worms is now open....

              Flinboy is right though.
              If you don't apply, you'll never know.


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                just a horrible job market here


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                  I applied, turned in background packet 3 weeks ago with no word from investigator as of yet. Guess i'll stick with the state for now.


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                    Clark County Bailiffs

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