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Got my board scores...


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  • Got my board scores...

    i just recieved the email with my eligibility. My board score was 87. I didn't do so well on the written so my rank is 81. is this good or bad?

    just a few questions for those who know. does rank determine the length it takes to call you for the BI? now that i have my scores, how long till i have to fly back to do the second phase of the testing (BI, poly)? I would like to know early because i am flying from florida and it gets expensive if i buy the plane ticket last minute. also i am going to iraq at the end of march and would like to finish the second part before i leave.

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    If you are in Rank 81, that suggests your overall score was the 81st highest of all applicants who tested. In civil service, candidates are usually hired in order of their scores, so you should be the 81st person to be offered a job from this hiring list (assuming of course that you pass the background, medical and psych).

    While the number 81 may sound horribly unreachable, there are a number of things to be considered. First, a number of applicants before you will be DQed on the background, medical and psych, making your potential hiring time much more closer. Second, you have to consider your score in the context of how many people they intend to hire over the life of the list. If they have a lot of turnover and run academies of 30 cadets each, you could be in the third academy from now.

    They key is to find out how many people they intend to hire from the list and in what time frame. That should give you a ballpark idea as to when you may get the call based on your rank on the list.
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      Just want to clearify, but were you "ranked as number 81" or "ranked with a score of 81?"

      Ranked as 81 means you're 81 on the list, but if you were ranked with a composite score of 81 then they aren't telling you were you are on the list, just your score. If it's the later it could mean you're towards the top as the next highest scores might be 83, 87, 88, and 91 making you 5th on the list.
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        Dear Mr. Capalad:

        CONGRATULATIONS! You have achieved the following scores on the examination for the position of Police Recruit.

        WRITTEN 75.24
        ORAL 87.00
        VET. PTS 2
        FINAL SCORE 81.94
        RANK 81

        Your name will be placed on an eligibility list which is anticipated to be certified by the Civil Service Board at a future meeting.

        You will be contacted by the Background Section of the Personnel Bureau to schedule a Background Interview. Please make certain that the Personal History Questionnaire and the Polygraph packets are entirely completed and all documents requested on the Personal History Questionnaire are obtained prior to your Background Interview.

        Thank you for your interest in this position with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.


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          this is the email i received. NADLER20, i dont know if its what you explained or not.


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            OK that clears things. It looks like you are #81 on the list, but like L-1 said, that can change daily. People have apps out with other agencies and get picked up, decide to withdraw for whatever reason, get DQed, or any number of things. I wouldn't say that's a bad rank at all.

            Any idea how many tested and open positions at the dept.?
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              Be prepared to fly back soon, you will get a call to finsih the rest..


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                Congratulations on getting through the initial testing.


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                  Thanks guys i hope i get called soon, i already have 10 years vested in the air force and people tell me all the time to just finish with the air force and retire, but this is what i want to do, so retiring in 10 years with the air force would be a bummer for me.

                  NADLER20, there were 480-500 people when i tested and from what i reasearched on this site it seems they are hiring 45ish per academy. it looked like about 150ish people made it to the oral board, but i dont know how many passed.


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                    Be happy. 81 is a great place to be. The wash-out for the medical and psych is huge so you have a very good chance.

                    My LT's son is in the academy now. WHen he tested they had 600-700 people. By the time they got the psych they were down almost 500.


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