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    Just wondering if anyone here works for the Lincoln Police...I have a few questions.


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    I am at LPD. Whatdya need?


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      Well, I'll just rattle off a few questions...

      - Is the academy atmosphere more "college" like, or is there a boot camp feel?

      - Do you roll from call to call a lot? Do you have much time to be proactive?

      - Decent equipment/technology available?

      - What type of shifts do you guys work?

      - From the website, salary and benefits look pretty decent...any comments?

      I've been playing around with the idea of putting in an app...but I'll be looking to do a ride along this summer to get a better idea of everything first I think. Anything else that you think would be helpful would be great


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        The academy really does have a college feel and doesn't waste any time with boot camp kind of stuff. We do take a lot of calls, and we're unique for our size in the fact that we have to do most of the follow-up and investigation on our calls. Most big cities just hand it off to an investigator after the initial report. But there is still plenty of time to do your own thing and be proactive. The technology is pretty damn good. You can find pretty much anything you can imagine on our computer system, it's just too much to go into now. We have some teams with 8, 10, and 12 hour shifts, it just depends. And yeah, the salary is pretty good, almost the highest in NE. Plus you get plenty of overtime for all kinds of stuff like court and everything.) So go ahead and apply for one of the next two testing cycles and see what happens.


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