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    My wife and I are looking around the country at different places to move, we're currently living in Arizona, in a Phoenix suburb. We've been looking about some Midwest states, kind of bringing it to Nebraska, Iowa, or Indiana.

    just wondering what are some pros and cons of raising kids and working out in Nebraska? Preferably around Omaha and Lincoln.

    Also wondering about pay for agencies? Regular salary schedules, take homes, etc. Cost of living is pretty good out there from looking in. Starting out here is usually around $50,000 and maxing at around $73,000 at about 8 years.

    Thank you!

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    Nebraska form is dead as you can see from my post from 2 years ago. My wife has family in Omaha. I checked them out. Salary is listed on their website along with benefits. For average beat cop or detective no take home. They haven't done a lateral in or out of state in years. You'd have to go through there full academy. If I remember the pensions was 60% at 30years of top salary.

    Douglas County which includes Omaha, was similar in pay and benefits and retirement. Plus side is you could challenge the Nebraska POST. You go to work as a lateral in the field. One day a week head in and work on the test to challenge. That was straight from the captain of personal.

    Lincoln and Lancaster County were similar in pay and benefits. I remember about acadmey or modified academy.

    that's what I get when I went out there
    I'd rather be judged by 12 rather carried by 6.

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      If you are looking for any further information maybe I can help. Please send me a private message and I will see what I can answer if you are still interested. Thanks!


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        Originally posted by Dave Jones

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