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OPD Hiring Info: 2014-2015


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  • OPD Hiring Info: 2014-2015

    Let's call the 2013 thread a little outdated. I can't quite say when they will get the ball rolling, if the "old" list will be used or if another round of testing is going to happen because I don't know.

    The latest "intel" I do have indicates they hope to have a class of about 30 recruits in Summer of 2015 and another class of about 20 recruits Year End 2015.

    As usual I'm sure that's all subject to change. We shall see.

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    Hope they start making calls soon for potential applicants... it would be nice to hear something

    Tested: Scored Well
    Initial Background Interview: August 2013
    Polygraph: August 2013- Passed
    Background: Started September 2013---???

    Now just playing the waiting game


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      I got tired of waiting around for a call after several months past from my BG interview and not getting a rejection letter or called in for the poly. So I called into Backgrounds I asked the lady who answered if I could speak to my BG investigator, I was then put on a long hold, the lady came back on the line and informed me that my BG investigator was no longer in the unit and he didn't leave any notes on my file so they "can only assume their are other more qualified applicants, and I can re-apply in 2016" I asked if there was anything I can do or if I did any wrong and she just restated that there were no notes left and all I can do is re-apply....


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        I am so sorry to hear that brother... That is terrible news. I have not heard anything back yet either--- hearing your news does not make me feel so good about the process. Can you turn on your message so I can inbox you?


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          As usual, the initial info was bad info. Now they've amended it to "next testing is likely next fall at the earliest"

          Gotta love government budgets. At this point you're fully aware of how police hiring goes, it's very hit or miss. Keep working where you're working and continue to be a good human being. I know it's easy to get discouraged but if this is something you know you really want to do keep at it and keep applying/testing.

          Hopefully your persistence pays off.


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            Anyone still in the process? Got an email, November 2014, to see if I was still interested. Interviewed with my background investigator and took my polygraph this past December. Background completed and got an email for a Chief's interview.


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              Good stuff. Almost stopped scrolling down to this section. Summer academy perhaps.


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                I can see its the same old same old stuff in here..
                Some people were just dropped on their heads as children more than the rest of us!


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                  I was told that the academy would be in July and it was going to be a class of approximately 50.


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