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Nebraska Jail Deputy/Basic Jail Officer Training at NLETC


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  • Nebraska Jail Deputy/Basic Jail Officer Training at NLETC

    This is a general question more for Nebraska LEO's, unless other states use similar training which I'm assuming they do.

    I am currently in the final stage of a hiring process with a local Sheriff's Dept and am really excited. I had my final interview mid last week with a Captain, in which the end of the interview ended with questions about me putting in a 2-week notice to my current employer and about upcoming academy's in Nebraska, so it looks really promising! Especially when they gave me the tour and introduced me to the staff in which everyone asked if I was the "new deputy"....

    To get my foot in the door, it is a Deputy Sheriff position working in the jail. It is too late to get into the upcoming NLETC Academy, so for working in the Jail, they plan on sending me to Nebraska "Basic Jail Officer Training", which is a 2 week course at the Grand Island, Ne LE training academy. The Captain wasn't able to provide any specific information about the course, and neither does the NLETC website, so i'm clueless on whats all entailed.

    Here's my question though! For those Nebraska LEO's who may be familiar with it, what is involved in this Training course? Is it a classroom atmosphere with tests and exams, or is it more learning the skills needed without tests. I would assume its without tests since every jail functions different, so its officers would train you the way they want on the job, other than the basic self defense, aprehension, etc. But thats what I say when I "assume".

    Any helpful hints or knowledge for what is entailed in this course? Even if you aren't from Nebraska, but are familiar with this situation, your knowledge would be appreciated as well! Thanks.

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