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Anyone know anything about "travelling Freeman"


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  • Anyone know anything about "travelling Freeman"

    I stopped a vehicle today for failure to signal. As I approached the vehicle, I informed the male driver why I stopped him. He was not happy and handed me a state ID and his paperwork for his vehicle he just bought a few weeks ago. As I checked him in the computer it stated he volunteer surrendered his DL to the state on 02/09.

    I went back up the vehicle to ask him about his driving status and he first informed me that I am detaining him to long and then handed me a pile of “legal” documents singed by the Secretary of State. These documents state that he is only travelling on a road with personal property. He stated that he is not operating a motor vehicle and therefore can’t be given a citation.

    None the less I gave him a situation for the violations and made him find a ride. I guess this guy is part of the “Freeman Travelers” group. He told me he is going to sue me and take my house. I believe that he will for sure pursue civil/criminal charges for what he believes is violation of his constitutional rights. I feel like I need to contact the FOP attorney or do something proactive about this. Has anyone come across this kind of situation? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Read this thread...............same group of nutballs

    They can and do at times file all sorts of civil paers...........it gets anoying.

    They don't (can't) file criminal charges

    Since some people need to be told by notes in crayon .......Don't PM me with without prior permission. If you can't discuss the situation in the open forum ----it must not be that important

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      For $16 I can file anything I want at the courthouse and it gets endorsed by the County Clerk. Doesn't mean it has any legal authority.

      Of course, the only things I've ever filed is a Sole Propeitorship dba and a Brand/Mark Registration, and those are actual legal documents!
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        You might have infringed on his copyrighted name be writing it on the ticket.
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          search sovreign citizens
          For the cops out there: You are an adult. If you want to write someone, write them. If you don't want to write someone, then don't write them.

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