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Turned 50 forgot to renew


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  • Turned 50 forgot to renew

    Turned 50 in August forgot to renew, got my 30 day temp driver's permit today real license comming in the mail.

    Somehow security is increased if they send my license through that mail rather than handing it to me right there face to face after they verified my identity. So who know how many people who are not me get to handle and or steal my license now that it has to go through the mail system.

    Overall a painless process cause I got there before school let out.

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    It comes in a plain white envelope and doesn't even look like anything official. The envelope comes fully enclosed like any other piece of mail. The only way it appears one should worry is if the envelope is open. If the envelope is open I would contact my local DMV right away for further details. The only thing about the new Operators license is they are really flimsy and are almost like a piece of paper.
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      Originally posted by nebraska_deputy View Post
      The only thing about the new Operators license is they are really flimsy and are almost like a piece of paper.
      Yeah, that threw me for a loop when I first saw it when I was running a data check on a party that I stopped. Then there's the black and white copy that basically looks like someone xeroxed a drivers license, which is supposed to be valid until they get their permanent license.


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        First off they charge us an additional tax which they call a fee for increased security, but I can not see how it is more secure to mail me a document of identity as opposed to handing it to me in person after they personally verified my identity. Recent contact from an ATF inspector says that the photocopy paperfold permit is legal for me to sell people firearms.


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          Got my new license it's thinner but not so bad, someone said they thought the central location that prints these does some facial recognition of the picture against the official database picture of me. This might be more secure.


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