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  • Montana Highway Patrol

    I am interested in becoming a Trooper for the Montana Highway Patrol.
    I have a few questions I was wondering if someone could help me with. What type of shifts do you work? Do they have take home patrol cars? How good is their equipment? How often to they have an academy for recruits? Is it expensive to live in Montana? If there are any Troopers out there with the Montana Highway Patrol it would be greatly appreciated if you would respond.
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    All of the law enforcement agencies in Montana share the same academy for basic peace officer certification. I believe there are three to four classes a year. I'm not sure if the MHP has a separate follow on course though. Here is a link to the academy. http://www.doj.mt.gov/enforcement/training/


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      If anyone can help with these question's.
      I'm an experienced officer, 10 years plus (Colorado). To challenge or take the Montana Post, is it or was it very difficult, Colorado's was no fun. Looking for some advise/ information. The pay with MHP I have already learned that they will pay 1 year for every two years of experience. Looking at the starting pay of just over $18.00 an hour doesn't really tell me much about what to look at for a starting pay. How is the cost of living, you guys don’t pay sales tax so I'm assuming that you get hit harder on property tax and registration taxes. How are the opportunities in picking your assignments, how hard is it to get the areas of Dillon, Deer Lodge, Helena, Great Falls. What is the equipment and continued training like? Do you share vehicles? How are the benefits and costs for family? Having a special needs child if I needed to be closer to a larger area where programs/ medical were available how is the agency on allowing transfers for family hardship reasons.
      If anyone can assist with these question and possible provide even more information I'd appreciate it.

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