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  • Billings PD

    My wife and I drove across country this past summer and we just loved Billings. Can anybody give me any information about their department??

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    From intel given me by an adjacent county deputy last year.....

    "They start at about 14.68 an hour .... Also sometimes they require a 2 year college degree, but it seems that it depends on how badly they need employees also I think that you can trade experience for the college. The BPD carries the Glock 22(I think)40 S&W and they are also well equipped. I have never heard anyone complain about their benefits from the City so I cannot offer more than that on benefits. The department seems to have backup readily avaiable(of the 2 or 3 officer involved shootings all had multiple offiers on scene) BPD seems to be hopping and they seem to always be busy. When I worked at the jail it seemed as if the BPD were the ones bringing in the most prisoners. ...."

    Hope it helps. From other info I got from him, Yellowstone County SO (the county that surrounds Billings--and the largest population county in the state) pays about $4 more/hour. Might want to look into them as well
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