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A few questions about MHP


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  • A few questions about MHP

    Hi all,

    Thought I'd start my own thread regarding a few questions I have about the Montana Highway Patrol.

    I'm a 20.5 yr old college student, on the cusp of receiving my degree in criminal justice. I will be attending a state licensed academy in Houston, Texas to get my basic peace officer cert.

    I'm very interested in applying to join the Montana HP. I'm from North Dakota, so I have a desperate desire to move back up north. On to my questions:

    Is the recruiting process kind to out of state applicants? I just want to be given a fair shot to prove museful as a highly competitive applicant.

    How does the trooper pay compare to the cost of living??? I was visiting with family in Butte, and every thing seemed fairly pricey in comparison to what I'm accustomed to here in Houston!

    Thanks for any responses!

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    This was pasted from my reply to another thread....... I'll reply just to feed some info..... I applied this last round of testing for the Academy that is starting in about a month (April 2015). I am former military, a former police officer in Texas, scored no less than 95% on all 4 phases of the written, and passed the MPAT in 4:30. I didn't even make it to day 2 of the process. The HP hires 10 at a time, and usually has 200-400 applicants. I got a VERY distinct feeling up here they are not fond of "outsiders" when it comes to LE. The people up here are actually friendlier than my home state of Texas, but LE is a very "close" knit community. Although everyone was polite and professional, I definitely felt the "cold shoulder". It was confirmed when, leaving my hotel on day 2, I saw some of the....... ummm....... not so stellar "individuals"........ that made it further in the testing. Made my jaw drop. BUT... I still love this state and hope to stay for a very long time.... Now to apply at some smaller agencies......


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      You hit that nail on the head MHP is good in many ways but they are a massive Good ole Boy system. They take care of their own. If your dad was a trooper then you are guaranteed a job and eventual promotion to sgt. The hiring process looks good up front but... It is done through back door state wide emails and phone calls. Who can scratch who's back. A middle of no where MT trooper that blows their Sgt n Cpt can get their buddy hired. Seen it done. MHP doesn't always hire the best candidate but rather the candidate that is best for friendships and favors within the agency. Don't get me wrong MHP overall is a good agency and I have a few good friends patrolling this great state everyday.

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    Enable your messages. I have something I would like to email you about the MHP.


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