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Any Highway Patrol's out there?


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  • Any Highway Patrol's out there?

    Just curious all I'm from Springfield, MO. Wanting to know if there are any Missouri Highway Patrol Troopers on the forums!?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Not me.

    Thought about applying though...


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      Highway Patrol or PD??

      Hello Longdistancecop! I am currently a college student from the Kansas City area, majoring in Justice Systems, and plan on being a Law Enforcement Officer. I just had one quick question for you. I am interested in possibly trying to be a Highway Patrolman, but am also looking into the Kansas City Police Department. I just wanted to know what you love about the Patrol and what would be the benefits of being a Trooper rather than a KCPD Cop? Thanks.



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        Well I'm not a Highway Patrol Trooper. I however am in the military reserves with quite a lot of law enforcement. I know a ton of KCMO and KCK police officers. I'll tell you right now that if your a white male getting on KCMO will be tough! The troopers over the last few years has declined. I would suggest doing that for better odds. However the pay isn't as good as the city. The retirement is excellent but you have to retire after minimum of 30 years. Versus 20 or 25 at other departments. However most people end up working 25-35 years at a department just to make the added retirment because it's near impossible to live off a 20 year retirement. Also the Highway Patrol makes you sign a 3 year contract stating you won't leave the Patrol until 3 years is up. However after going through a academy likie the Patrols for 26 weeks. I doubt you'll ever leave unless you go fedral. Learn a second language too! That's a huge plus. I would suggest if you haven't already doing ride alongs with not only the KCMO/KCK side, but also the Patrol. Call your local Troop I believe it's troop A and ask them for a ride along.
        Plus the Highway Patrol is more open you do your own thing most of the time drug interdiction, wrecks, speeding etc... not as much on "Call" as the city. With the city you have to realize the fact you'll be working more domestics and be dispatched more to calls then you would as a trooper. Hopefully this helps, and if you have any questions or need any help with anything don't hesitate to PM me or just reply on the thread.



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          Hey! Thanks a bunch for the response. I had some of those ideas floating around in my head but I am glad you confirmed them. The MSHP sounds like a fun and interesting career, i will definately look into doing some ride-a-longs. Thanks for everything, i will definately keep in touch.



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