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  • Drury Police Academy

    Just wondering if anyone on here has any experience or knowledge of the Drury academy in Springfield.

    I've heard both good and bad. I've been told that some officers from Springfield PD think it's a little too lax, while other Springfield officers came from the Drury academy. Thoughts?

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    Maybe no news is good news.


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      I knew a girl who helped out with their domestic classes as a actor. She said they used all of their training for the class which is something I wish we would have done instead of just talking about what was happening. Thats all I know about it sorry.


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        Is anyone here enrolled in the upcoming full-time Aug. academy?


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          I'm currently attending the academy now! So far, it's been pretty good. Everyone I've talked to about the academy says it's the best self-sponsor academy available. Granted, if you attend the academy given by Springfield PD, this will appear lax. But there is a difference between attending a self-sponsor academy like Drury and going to an academy where you are hired on. The departments that hold their own pay you to be there and will mold you how they want you. With Drury, you pay them to be there.
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