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  • Military Experience

    I am 21 years old and thinking about joining the army as a Cavalry Scout to get background and experience for a career in law enforcement. My ultimate goal in life is, and has always been, to become a Police Officer.

    I graduated H.S. 3 years ago and I am currently working at the same job since I got out of school. I live on my own now, but other than a car payment, I do not have any other debt, and a fair-mid 600's credit score. I do not have any children, and I am single.

    So my question is, since I am somewhat young and have little commitments, should I join the army, or go ahead and apply for entrance into a Police Academy?

    I also wanted a good idea of how many current officers have military experience. And for the ones that don't, how hard was it to be hired by a department?

    I know this desicion is entirely up to me, but any advice would be appreciated.

    P.S. I live in St. Louis County
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    I didn't read where you went to college, so I'm assuming you don't have any college. If you plan to work any where that pays decent you need either college or military. If you said you had went to college after high school I'd tell you to start applying now.

    You have to ask yourself what have you been doing to get an advantage over the other 200 other applicants that will be applying for the same position as you. Having a steady job since high school is good but not good enough.

    Good luck!


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      As the last person said, you need to make yourself the most competetive applicant possible. I joined straight out of HS, became Military Police, and then left after four years. As with you, I joined to prepare myself for a future career in LE. It was beyond the best decision I ever made. The only thing I regret was not obtaining my degree while I was on active duty. So now I am working full time shift work and going to school full time. And also, dont just lock yourself into the Army. Look at all of them, after you realize what job you want to do. Because, being an MP in the Army is the complete opposite of being an MP in the Air Force. You could be a field MP in the Army, but driving a patrol car and handling domestics in the Air Force. It just depends. My advice is do it. If you have military experience, a degree, and can interview well, you are almost unstoppable in the St. Louis area. And there are not as many officers who were in the military as you may think, at least not in the St. Louis area.


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        Couldn't of gotten a better response 491, thanks for the advice, as for you occ, thanks as well.


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          I just want to make sure I was clear on the whole MP issue. You CAN be a field MP in the Army, you can also be driving a patrol car as well. All the services are great no matter what branch you are in. That being said, it doesnt matter if you go into the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard. You will become a better person for doing it. Good luck to you and dont hesitate to ask for any other advice, more than happy to help.


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            Since you live in Missouri, self sponsor through the police academy. The police academy also counts substantially toward an associates degree, which you should go ahead and complete as well.

            Just an idea for you if you choose not to go the military route.
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