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  • Mleota

    Has anybody on here been through MLEOTA? How hard is it and what did you do to prepare?

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    There are already a few threads on here about MLEOTA. The info in there is still relevant today. I will add, however, that it doesn't matter how hard someone thinks it is. It's all subjective. I didn't think it was bad at all, even the bad parts. Others in my class thought it was the hardest thing ever invented. Nobody can really tell you how hard something is because they don't see things or experience things the exact same way you would. Go in with a good attitude and accept the fact that you can't control anything out there except how much effort you give. Give 100%. Not just in PT but everything you do out there. Get ready for running, push-ups, screaming, yelling, doing everything wrong and boring classes that seem to drag on and on. While the physical portion can be challenging at times, MLEOTA is probably 80-85% mental. The stressors they place on you out there is to help you know how to respond to them when you face them on the streets. Everything they do out there has a purpose and the purpose is to train you to a basic level of competency. Follow the rules and don't ever, ever, ever, ever give up.

    The Sunday you report will also be the first and only Sunday they feed you other than fruit call. So eat a nice, hearty, yet sensible lunch on Sundays before you go back. Don't want to puke it up during PT Sunday afternoon. When I say follow the rules, I mean follow the rules. They are serious about the gag order, maintaining discipline on weekends and reporting any issues that come up. Also, never, EVER look them in the eyes and ALWAYS refer to yourself as "this recruit." If you get tired or sleepy in class, which I promise you it will happen, get up and go the back of the room and stand up. You will save yourself and the other recruits from some misery. Avoid the red wristband and the gold brick. The red wristbands are handed out after each PT test and the biggest sandbagger gets the gold brick. Avoid being that guy. Pay attention in the classes. Yes, many of them are boring as hell but you won't always have a study hall prior to test day so you need to know how to take notes and how to study. Oh and make sure you know the creed before the first Sunday. you'll say it every night and Tuggle is a stickler for it being loud and said correctly. Your class is not the only class going on out there. Never speak to anyone that is not a part of your basic class. If they try to speak to you, which does happen, ignore them. If they give you grief, tell Buckley, Tadlock, Colley or Tuggle. They'll shut that stuff down quick, fast and in a hurry.

    As far as how to prepare. Only you can answer that. You know what you need to work on. What is your run time? If you go and you're only meeting your 50% entrance requirements, you're wrong. You should be going to Day Zero already at or above the 70% graduation requirements. This will make your time at PT significantly better than those that are meeting the minimum standards. I found 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile sprints really help to lower your run time. You can also try Yasso 800s. Also, learn the correct way to do the Illinois Agility Run. I saw so many people screw it up and have to start over. There are diagrams online that show the layout, the route you have to take and the distance between all the cones. The best way to improve sprints is by doing them and adding weight. If you can make time with a 20 pound weighted vest on, you can destroy it without the vest. Push-ups come by doing them over time with various hand placements. This way you improve your overall chest development and keep muscle fatigue at bay. The record at MLEOTA is 140-something in 2 minutes. A guy in my class got close with 122. If possible, get your application turned in in time to take the pre-entrance PT test. That way if you fail, you can retake it on Day Zero. We had 7 go home on Day Zero for failing the initial PT test.

    Do a search of the forum and read up on all the threads that deal with MLEOTA. Don't let the stress of not knowing get to you. Put in the work and you'll be fine.


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      Thanks for the info! I have looked all through the internet trying to find the creed. Where can I find the MLEOTA creed?

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    Fuganopolis hit it on the nail. Also don't worry about trying to find the creed online. You shouldn't have access to it until you are absolutely going, and at that point you will get it.


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      If an agency or department sponsors you to the academy, then your sponsor should provide it to you so you can learn it before you go. If you self-sponsor, you'll most likely not see it until you get into the barracks where it's posted on almost every column. You'll be saying it from day one and it'll never be loud enough to satisfy them. The creed should be on your mind, but towards the back. You'll have plenty of practice at it. You'll have too much other stuff taking up the majority of your focus.

      Have you already been hired on someplace, thinking about self-sponsoring or just looking at the idea of going into law enforcement? If it's the latter, do a ride along with a department if they allow it. Don't let the academy worry you before you even go. Train hard. Train your weak areas harder. Do what you're told, when you're told and how you're told. Be at the right place, at the right time, in the right uniform. It really is that simple. Go into the academy with the right mindset. Tell yourself there's nothing they can do to break you. Tell YOURSELF that, NOT THEM.


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