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    Anyone have any info on this agency? I am curious as to how they work with MHP and how the morale and retention is with this agency? Thanks!

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    Considering they do two different jobs, I don't think one cares about the other.


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      A few weeks ago an MDOT officer told me that it is not "a young man's job". He said it was a tad slow for anyone who is eager to get out there and get the rookie enthusiasm out of their system.


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        The 2 that I went through the academy with said they had to work the scales for about 1-2 years before they got on the road. I couldn't handle that.


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          I'm not looking for the young man's job! I've done that for the last 7 years...Most of the enthusiasm the job first brought has faded with the bull$hiz and the politics...Just wanna do my time and take it to the house. I'm from MS also...wouldn't mind moving back closer to family.


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            MDOT doesn't do traffic CMV only. They aren't certified (or weren't when I went thru MLEOTA) on radar or the intox. They don't do DUI's etc. Pretty much a daytime job on the road doing trucks or working the scales.
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              I'm fairly certain they mostly do inspections on trucks. I think they might have a couple of guys that do interdiction, but I haven't heard of any in quite some time.


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                Doesn't sound like a very fun job, at least from my perspective


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