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  • New guy on the forums

    Just wanted to introduce myself, to other Mississippians on here. I basically came to this site seeking information about finally making a step in the direction I felt I should have taken many years ago but didn't. I went to school, got my bach. degree, got a job that I hate. I feel like I should be doing more with my life and giving back instead of sitting idly by. I've regretted not going into law enforcement for a long time. I'm just hoping being 26 now, will not put too much of a damper on my dreams of making a career change.

    I may ask some questions on here, sorry in advance if they seem dumb or trivial, but its something I take very serious, I'm just not sure where/how to get started...

    Anyways, good luck to everyone on their MHP apps.

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    Welcome aboard mrjohnson. It's not too active around here at times, but we can always change that. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask them. Stick around and post up.


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      Woo Mississsippi!! I dont live there anymore but born there.. trying law enforcement up in yankee territory now!


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        My biggest concern is still where/how to get started in joining an agency. I know its not something you just walk in, apply, your hired but I'm going to work towards it, that's fine with me. I'm curious if I should get another degree on top of what I already have (bachelor is business admin). Would an associates in criminal justice suffice? Would getting my masters in criminal justice be worth the time/money?

        I see on the MDPS website, the different state agencies listed, Bureau of Investigations, Narcotics, Miss. Homeland Security, those are the places that I have my sights set on. Not an administration type role either. I'm looking for guidance on what the best course is, to reach those types of jobs. Obviously getting LE experience is a major part of it, but with whom? Sheriff Dept, local PD...?

        Oh, one last question, do any MS LE agencies do ride-a-longs anymore? I know some in other states do, but any ideas here? I hate to call and bother all these places but will if I have to.

        Thanks in advance for any and all help/criticism.


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          Check with your local agencies about the ride alongs. I've done many all over the state, most will allow it. If they ask, tell them that you are interested as a future applicant, that always helps.

          Associates in CJ? Dont even think about it if you already have a BA. Masters in CJ? Sure, a masters in anything would always help down the road, but in my opinion there is no reason to hold off on your career for that. You can do it on the side. I am actually finishing up my Masters CJ now.

          Also, if you're not quite ready to go full time yet, look in to applying as a reserve at your local depts. That's what I'm doing at the moment (hopefully not for long though)


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            If I knew I could go full time, here locally I would. I'm not joking one bit, when I say, I'm at the end of my rope with the desk job 9-5 staring at a computer screen all day crap. I will definitely make some calls about a ride along and see what the requirements are for applying as a reserve. I have money set aside for school or to pay my own way through MLEOTA, which ever would be the best bet for my money.

            Thanks for the advice


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              Welcome to the site.


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