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St. Paul PD Lateral Transfer


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  • St. Paul PD Lateral Transfer

    Does anyone know if St. Paul is hiring on a continual basis for a lateral transfer? I noticed they have been posting on the POST board for a few months now. If they are, is there a lot of competition?

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    I was told by the recruiting officer that they may have an academy after the RNC (October). Send in a resume if you are interested, that's how I got hired. It maybe a month before you hear anything or a year. I heard within a week. Every lateral officer's story is different.

    Everything Buck Eight said is true, second language and being a minority is a plus. But also having a relative who works or worked for the department helps also.

    As far as where you might start out in pay is questinonable. I got a raise from where I came from. That was 7 years ago, but my friend who came on as a lateral 3 years ago did not start higher.

    The 7 years have been good, but it is time to move on for me. A lot of good people who work for SPPD. I will be starting a new chapter in my LE career out West.

    Good luck.

    PM me if you have more questions.


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      Originally posted by Buck Eight

      Your profile says you aren't currently a cop. You do know what lateral entry means don't you?

      AR-15 is right on with St. Paul being big on tradition. Lots of cops whose dads are/were St. Paul cops.

      I am surprised to hear you are getting out of SPPD, it seems to be a department that people retire from. I can only recall one person that left that stayed gone. I know 3 people that left that were back within a year or two.

      Best of luck on your new chapter in life and L.E.

      The Chief of police where I am going to was also surprised I was leaving St. Paul. Not too many people leave the department. By the way, my new Chief was the Chief in Lakeville, kind of small world. So at least we have something in common.

      St. Paul has been a good experience, but it is time to move on to other adventures. I can recall about 6 or 7 people who worked for St. Paul and left and did not come back.

      111987, I too was surprised you were asking about laterals, even though your profile says you are not an officer.

      Thanks Buck for the well wishes.


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        well since we are on the subject of SPPD. Do they ever hire new officers? I always see the posting for lateral transfer but never for newbies.


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          Originally posted by jaybird33081 View Post
          well since we are on the subject of SPPD. Do they ever hire new officers? I always see the posting for lateral transfer but never for newbies.
          Doesn't seem like many, but yes they do. Last time they posted for non-laterals (about a year ago), it wasn't on the POST site, just on the SPPD site.

          They're currently backgrounding a group of candidates from the last open application they had. Rumors I've heard are that it's potentially for an Oct/Nov academy. From what I've heard, this is the last group they're considering from the last open application, and they'll start a new/revamped process after that.

          If you're interested, I'd check the SPPD and St Paul website on a regular basis, in addition to the POST site.

          From the 2 Academies that I've known people in, it seems like 80% of the recruits are laterals, many of the others are city employees, and only very few people with no association with SP.


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