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  • Ditigal in-car camera systems

    I am looking for information about the VisionHawk, Digital Ally and Motorola DP-2 in-car camera systems. We are currently researching these three systems, trying to find the best of the three. I am looking for opinions about how these systems are working. I would also like to come to a department and "test drive" the system. Any information would be great....thanks.

    I have also sent out a regional tela-type with my contact info, or feel free to contact me here.
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    Hmm I have a digital camera in my squad..takes 5-10 min to start up..not so good I can't remember the brand but I will check it out the next time I work.
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      I am also looking to install a digital camera in my car let me know what you find out. My mobile vision VHS crapped out so I have been without a camera for a while.
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        I have been using the Digital Ally for about 3 weeks now. I got a brand new car and we decided to try this out. So far I like it, my only complaint is it will turn off when your car is not running. It only takes about a minute for it to get turned back on and you enter your user name and passsword. Not bad but if you have to run out of somewhere on a hot call, you will have to drive and turn it on etc. It only comes with a 4g disk and it fills fast. I like the audio it comes with, I just throw it in my pocket and is good to go and sounds great. I have yet to have to make a copy of anything so as of now I can't tell ya anything about that. I would recommend it. My supervisor thought it was a pain to have to format the disk and I still can't figure out the volume yet when I play back something in the car. The camera inside of the mirror is pretty neat, this way you can record your entire incident inside the car too with your prisoner in view.
        I was roaming the other night with my lights off and it picked up great in the darkness still. Since I work nights, I keep the display off because it does interfer with you looking in the mirror however it takes one push of a button to bring it back up so its nice. I have also noticed that the mirror will vibrate on the interstate a lot so thats a pain as well. All in all I recommend it. Any further questions, shoot me an IM
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          Motorola L3 is the only way to go. Automatic download to the server and don't have to touch a button to do it. Just pull into the lot and it does it. Start up is quick...about 25 seconds....sign in with a jump drive.....In fact, we have one in our interview room.


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            I have the digital ally system too and so far no major complaints. Kycop, my camera doesn't shut off when the car isn't running. Sounds like the power source is from the ignition and not a constant power. I would have that checked out because it shouldn't be that way.

            As far as what I think of the camera. It is pretty nice, Kycop covered most everything. Also, you can check with digital ally, I believe they have the automatic download option that sigcopper is speaking of. My dept doesn't use that though. As far as copying onto a dvd from the file is pretty easy as well. All in all it is a nice unit. I have had problems with the audio (Body mic), but they have since replaced it.

            Oh, Kycop, if you reach up and touch the mirror, on the right hand side near the windshield of the car you will feel a thumbwheel. That thumbwheel is you volume. Just scroll it up or down to adjust. Hope that helps.


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              A word of caution. We just moved to a digital system and overall it is fine. It has, however, begun to impact the way we do business. All of our pursuits and major incidents are now being highly scrutinized by admin. While the old system involved admin pulling tapes to review incidents, now they can bring up any video from the comfort of their office and tell you everything you did wrong (even when it's friggin perfect). IAs have gone drastically up, and I'm sure we will see changes to our currently wide open pursuit policy. I'm talking about proactive IA's where there is no complaint and given the nature of the emergent circumstances, the cops performed well. This is an unintended consequence of the digital system which I feel is a significant cause of recent changes in my department. Obviously the move is inevitable, but my advice....resist for as long as you can.


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