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  • Disabled Mpls Bomb Tech

    Fox 9 News did a story about my husband on Sunday night - he used to be the commander of the Mpls Bomb Squad before he was injured.

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    Thanks, Buck Eight, but I am not very hopeful. The Federation isn't helping us, and neither the Federation, nor the city have gotten any flack at all for what they have done to us, so they have no incentive to correct the problem. Both the state house and state senate are controlled by Minneapolis, and the head of the Senate, Larry Pogemiller, actually accused me two years ago of not caring enough about Minneapolis. He hadn't heard about what happened to my husband, so I explained it to him. He just stared at me for a bit and went on with what he was saying. I followed up with an email, because I couldn't believe that he would just ignore what he said, and not apologize, or even ask if my husband was going to be okay, or anything, but he has never apologized.

    The Federation doesn't even return my phone calls. They seem to be quite confident that abandoning a disabled cop is okay, and that we neither need, nor deserve any help.

    I think Chief Dolan genuinely cares, and he has tried to do what he can, but when the city council wants to destroy us, there isn't much he can do on his own to stop them.


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      thats a sad story, hopefully everything will work out for your family.

      sounds like that head of the Senate, Larry Pogemiller is a real a-hole and need to be kicked out fast.
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        My heart goes out to you, but it sounds like you are doing better that you would in California law enforcement. If you are under the minimum retirement age and sustain a job related injury that prevents you from ever returning to your position, all you get is 50% of your salary.
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          Thoughts and prayers go out to you.
          With the recent bill passing (dumb) with the bridge survivors, you now have a window of opportunity as leverage.

          They set a dangerous precedent with that bill, but it does open some doors for you and your family.


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            Thanks MNCopper

            The way that the bridge victims bill is written, it exempts itself from setting a precedent. It isn't all of the way through the legislature yet (it has only passed the house) but I don't expect that clause will be removed in the Senate.

            Oddly, the city of Minneapolis legislative priorities include support for the bridge victims and for laws against neglect of vulnerable adults, but the city council doesn't see any hypocrisy in the way they are treating Dan. They care more about people driving through Minneapolis than they do about their cops.

            Unfortunately, with the Federation not caring either, and a steady stream of applicants to fill vacancies, the city has no need to change, and actually support their cops.


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              The House Commerce and Labor Committee heard the bill on March 13 and sent the bill to the Rules Committee. The Senate companion bill did not get a hearing. Council President Johnson testified in opposition, and the city has been working to undermine support for our family. There is a second bill being drafted, but I haven't seen it yet.

              I put together a web page that gives the basic information about what is going on.


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