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Fugitive at Airport Questions


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  • Fugitive at Airport Questions

    I received a tip recently that one of our fugitives will be flying in to Minneapolis-St. Paul Internatinal Airport soon and I want to snap her up on her felony warrants. She scammed a number of people out of a lot of money on mortgage scams. (Not the crime of the century, but I still want her.) My questions are as follows:

    -Someone in our office maintains that she WILL get arrested automatically becasue every passenger is ran for warrants. I seriously doubt it, but perhaps somebody from an Airport PD/Airport Unit can advise.

    -What is the easiest way to determine what flight and airline she will be on? The best that I can come up with is to contact the airlines that fly between the woman's home city and MSP, unless there is a better way. I do not know exactly what day she will be flying out or what airline so I can imagine I could waste a LOT of time listening to telephone trees trying to talk to somebody that knows something.

    -Is it possible to "flag" the name with the airline BEFORE she books a
    flight and then have then contact me once a flight is booked or can they only do that once her name is in their database?

    -I am still not sure if I will do this myself, if I will impose on the US
    Marshals Service or if I will ask MSP Airport Police to do this for me.

    -I have had her arrested before and while she was in one of the pre-trial jails for women in Maricopa County AZ she feigned a medical condition and was hospitalized. Due to the cost our county attorneys office decided to have her released.

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    PM sent on the "other" site.
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