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What is the penalty for driving without insurance in the state of Minnesota?


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  • What is the penalty for driving without insurance in the state of Minnesota?

    What is the penalty for driving without insurance in the state of Minnesota? keeping in mind it's my first offense for this type of violation ,i always read somwhere i have to get an insurance before the court date but my car is totally useless and un-drivable since the accident (I received the ticket on the mail weeks later )
    anyways ....tell me what to expect
    another thing am i going to see the same cops again in court

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    Uninsured drivers (you) are a huge problem in Minnesota. The MN DVS estimates that 10% of vehicles on MN roads are uninsured. Others estimate that number is closer to 20%. I get a warm fuzzy feeling every time I think about the possibility that some @$$hole is going to hit me or one of my family members and not be able to pay for it. That's true responsibility. Driving in Minnesota is a privilege, and not a right.

    Look up the penalties yourself. I'll give you a hint: Section 169 of Minnesota's traffic code. Go to and find it, and read through ALL of the traffic provisions--it appears that in addition to being ignorant of insurance laws, you are ignorant of other rules of the road. Please, don't drive again until you have insurance on whatever vehicle you own. It is a great pleasure to jam up drivers without insurance--we all know someone who was hit or injured by an irresponsible, reckless idiot without insurance.

    Get a bike.


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      Driving without insurance is a misdemeanor, you can probably expect a fine of at least $200 not to exceed $1000 and most likely your DL will be revoked for at least 30 days.

      You'll probably see the same coppers who issued the tag to you in court, if you take the matter to trial.
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        What county did this happen in? Many (most) counties have a fine and bail chart that they go by. It specifies the typical fine for a given offense. However, did this involve a traffic accident? If so, most counties probably increase this to a mandatory court appearance. If it was an accident, was there any personal injury of just property damage? There can definitely be aggravating or mitigating factors to take into account.

        I could mention that your insurance costs will go up (if you get it) as a result of the accident and charge, but I suspect that you are already aware of that.


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          Looking for advice? Is there something you always wanted to ask a cop? Only LEOs should answer questions. Please see posting guidelines.

          The "americans laws are so harsh" post made me laugh.


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