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    I recently interviewed for a position with a P.D. My nerves got the best of me and my answers sucked. I've been to other interviews where I thought I could have answered a question differently or elaborated a bit more, but i had felt I did well overall. I have never left an interview feeling worse then I did this one.

    Just curious how many of you have had this type of experience.

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    I have had situations like this before too and have come out great. Almost seems like when you think you aced an interview you really didn't and vice versa.


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      Don't sweat it...I had a final interview...and I whole heartedly believed I f'd the dog on it after I was done. I told my wife to forget that dept. because I just screwed myself. No kidding a day later they called and said I interviewed #1 on their list. I almost shat myself...
      It's better to be tried by twelve than carried by six...


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        Been there Rich. but just like ten said, those are sometimes the ones that you did really well on.

        we can always second guess ourselves, so I figured out a remedy for that. When you walk out of the interview, just don't think about it and say "okay Lord, show me favor with them, it's in your hands now."
        Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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          The more interviews you go through the better you will get. You will get a good idea of what the common questions are. I used to try and remember the questions after the interview, write them down, and then think of a good answer to the question, even if it took me a few hours, more then likely you will see that same question in another interview and will be more prepared for it. Also try and build off your strengths, almost every question asked in an interview you can direct and talk about your strengths in some way, shape, or form.

          I always would walk out of interviews and say, "Why didn't I tell them" or "I should have answered it by saying". Just remember that almost everyone who walks out of that same interview will be saying the same things you are.

          My first interview after my schooling was approximately 2 years ago at a suburb agency, needless to say I did not move on. A few months ago I interviewed at that same agency. The same officer was on both interview panels and I asked her after my recent interview how I did. She said she was really impressed how much I improved and that I scored #1. I recently got a conditional offer at that PD and if everything goes well will be starting in May.

          The key is to not get discouraged if you don't do well on your 1st, 5th, 10th or even 20th interview, just keep trying to improve and you will eventually land yourself a job. I remember someone saying that less then 50% of the people you go through SKILLS with will get a police officer position. While some of those people who do not get a position should have never tried and become a police officer, most of the others give up.


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            Thanks for the encouragement guys, I'm definitely not going to give up. If nothing else it was a good experience.


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