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  • Streichers

    this has been deleted.
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    Originally posted by Medici
    I am REALLY getting frusterated with STREICHERS and their way of doing business.
    I went there today and attempted to purchase three items (boots, an ankle or vest secondary holster and an inner velcro belt). Did STREICHERS have any of these items in stock? Of course not.
    EVERY SINGLE TIME I GO THERE THEY HAVE NOTHING IN STOCK THAT I WANT. They tell me "Order it through the catalog". I don't knowabout you but sometimes I like to see, feel and touch the items I want to buy.
    I really wish another decent POLICE store would open in this town. (other than Uniforms Unlimited or Keepers).

    This is a rant against STREICHERS and how crappy they are.
    I have never had a problem with Streichers...they have ordered things for me on a few occasions and if what came in wasn't what I wanted they had no problem getting me what I need or giving me a refund. But I too wish there was a few more good police stores in the metro...maybe I should look into starting one!
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      I agree that it can be frustrating to drive to Plymouth and not find what you want in stock, but like the other poster mentioned, just tell them what you want and they will get it. In fact, I think they might even ship it without shipping charges if what you want is out of stock. I have worked retail years and years ago and it is not the easiest racket. I know I wanted several pairs of 5.11s a little while back, and they didn't have my size in every color that I wanted, but they did get them. I think they might even price match on occasion. At least it couldn't hurt to ask. I know that in the past if I had a day off during the weekday and the wife was at work and the kids were in school, I could waste away a few hours by visiting Streichers, Bill's Gun Shop, Keeprs, or Uniforms Limited, (oops, I meant Uniforms Out-Of-Stock). I have sort of had an interest in flashlights from time to time and Streichers is pretty good about keeping a nice slection in stock. And if they don't have the flashlight you need, a drive to Cabela's in Rogers in worthwhile just to look at flashlights and other toys!


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        Lately I been going to KEEPERS in MPLS. (Hwy 280 & University) They have great prices, and some discount items in the back up to 80% off. I use to go to Uniforms (St. Paul) & Streichers. But KEEPERS won my vote for services!


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          The problem I have found with keepers is their very limited stock and their hours suck.


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            Yeah...Streichers could be better. They do not have much in stock, and their prices on some things are pretty high. For things I need asap or things I need to physically see or try out, I'll go to Streichers or Uniforms...otherwise I just order it online from someone and have it shipped to my door in a few days.
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              1. I only go to streichers for guns,
              2. Keepers Hours are getting much better and they are a lot more friendly as of late then the evil S word
              3. If you want flashlights try www.bluelinegear.com This is a local compamy run by cops for cops and those in the tactical profession we have LOTS of Surefires, plus Strider Knifes, night vision, EO-Tech and Aim Point optics, GG&G complete line and numerous other fun toys. Plus we are local to the Twin Cities.
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