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    Hello All,
    Long time reader first time poster. A little background on me, I am currently attending Alexandria Technical College and I am enrolled in their Law Enforcment Transition Program. I have an AAS degree in Computer Programming from Alexandria Technical College, I will be taking the POST test in August.

    I decided to change careers, so after one and a half years of Software Programming I couldn't stand sitting behind the desk and wanted to work a job I have always wanted, law enforcement. I am 22 years old and have my whole career in front on me.

    My question is if anyone knows when St. Paul PD Academy starts. I know they open up their application process for the Academy next month but when does the Academy start?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I've been hearing August and September as tentative start dates.

    One source said it would be after the August POST exam (i.e. in September), and another source claimed to have a friend in the Chief's office, and she's being told August.

    Additional stories floating around are that one academy will start in August, another one immediately after that finishes, and likely another one in January (budget permitting). But it's all speculation until you're doing your first set of push-ups!

    Yours is a familiar path... I went to school for programming, went military to do something different, then worked as a System Administrator for the money. Now at 31, I'm a PEO with a POST eligibility letter, waiting for the next academy to start.


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      Thanks for the info IT2PD. "But it's all speculation until you're doing your first set of push-ups!" LOL. Yeah I won't have a problem with that part because I will be in really good shape after and during skills at Alex Tech.

      Good Luck to you.


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        I have it on high authority that it's starting in September.
        Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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          LOL Thanks.


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