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Got a Conditional Job offer... now what?


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  • Got a Conditional Job offer... now what?

    I recently recieved a conditional job offer from a small town out of state. the town looks all right, although there are only about 15,000 people. Trust me it's small. I'm in St. Paul and I love the cities. I'm more partial to a New York City, Chicago, Miami, Phoenix kind of environment. this town is just so damn small and it seems like it's one of those "good ol' boy" departments. The cops know everyone and everyone knows the cops. I for see problems and conflicts stemming from those relationships. I'm at the cross roads of what to do. On one hand, it is a job and i would be able to get some experience out of it and be able to put that on my resume, then transfer back to minnesota. However, on the other hand, it's two years of my life that i see as being extremely uncomfortable and personally lonely and stressful. yeah I will meet people and form new relationships and have new experiences. I'm just unsure as what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. And I'm also unclear as to how long it would take me before I could transfer back into Minnesota if I am to take the job. Just FYI, I'm currently going through the Chicago process for the CPD. That would be ideal for me. But, thanks for reading!
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    Take the job! Get any or all the experience you can. The population may be 15,000 but look at the upside, you're from out of state and it would be easier for you to be impartial since you probably wouldn't know anyone there anyway. You can also build up your resume and make some good contacts. In my opinion, getting your feet wet is very important because you will be exposed to the streets which will give you an edge if you want to go to another department. Also, make sure you get the proper training (Accredited Police Academy) because you may be able to lateral to another dept or out-of-state without having to repeat all or some of the academy. When you're a little bit situated, start requesting for special schools such as Police Bicycle, Drug Trafficking, SWAT, etc. Good Luck!


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      I agree with Phil's comment to take the job (assuming that you are offered a final offer after the conditional). If you don't take this job and you fail to get hired elsewhere, would you be ok with that? Also, you state that you foresee problems stemming from the relationships where the cops know everybody and everybody knows the cops, what do you mean by that?
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        I'd quit complaining and bitching about it. You want a cop job then here is your chance.
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          Well, based on your past posts, you've been looking for a job for a couple of years. Unless you think they're going to expect you to do some grossly unethical things, I'd say you should probably go for it.
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            Beggers can't be choosers...

            If you want to work in law enforcement in Mn or WI, you take what you can get...

            If you want to work in law enforcement in AZ or other southwestern states, take what you want.

            Just a side note: Many people from allot of different agency's read these forums, I would watch what you say about a agency before you even got your foot in the door.
            I have worked in a small town department, they are generally allot of fun because you know who the bad and good people are. You will learn allot of things in a very small amount of time on how to deal with "Charactor". If you don't know that means you will find out "IF" you start working.
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              Take the job...You don't need to let your new employer know about your plans. (So they invest the time to train you) Learn as much as you can, then trans. to the larger PD you want. Just make sure you do a good job while your at the small PD. (Background)

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