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Helpful background comments; officers, please add to posting


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  • Helpful background comments; officers, please add to posting

    Ok, I wanted to take an opportunity to address backgrounds on here, since this is a very common topic. Let me start by saying that I have been a cop for 4 years now myself and my resume/background had a few…..let’s say….hick-ups. My hick-ups in my background though, much to my amazement, caused me very little grief when I began applying for agencies. What I have learned, is that no one is perfect. There are a few agencies that I know of in the Twin Cities that have sometimes posted job announcements where it seems as though they are looking for a “flawless” candidate.

    The truth of the matter is, that police departments realize that not all applicants are perfect. The biggest thing in submitting a background packet is honesty. Don’t ever think for one minute that you just can omit something, cross your fingers and hope the dept. doesn’t find out. This is 2007…there are many agencies which maintain an internal database of contact with people ranging being the complainant of a barking dog call to a verbal warning about speeding. When filling out the “police contacts” portion, take a few minutes of YOUR time and call all LE agencies in which you have ever had contact with whether it was a victim, suspect, witness or “other”. Make sure that you tell your backgrounder more than s/he will ever need to know.

    Next, be honest about everything. If you got fired from a job, mention that. The time will come during the process where you will have the opportunity to explain the situation. I have seen more people get washed from backgrounds because they lie than I have seen get washed for the contents of their backgrounds.

    Finally, don’t try to guess what the department wants for answers on questions. If you are anyone but yourself, or if you misrepresent who you really are, then you may make it through the process (sometimes) you and the dept will ultimately be unhappy once you start. There needs to be as much of a fit for you with the dept. as there is the dept. must like you. Agencies sometimes modify their expectations of candidates with the changing of chiefs or other administration. Just because you don’t make it through the process with agency “X” this time, doesn’t mean that you won’t a year from now. You will change and the dept. will change.

    So be honest, be yourself and always provide more info than is asked of you in your background packet. Also, take 10 extra minutes to go through the packet before you turn it in to ensure that you have all the zip codes, area codes, phone numbers, CORRECT addresses and enough waivers filled out.
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    Absolutely correct. In fact this is one of the best posts I have ever seen on hiring. If you think he is wrong or don't believe everything he has said you are so off base and you will be one of those secuirty guys forever complaining about why they couldn't get a cop job.

    Good luck to all of you in the process of becomming peace officers.
    Happy to be here proud to serve

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      Very good

      Very good post !! Thanks for puting it up.
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        Thanks for the great info
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          One other item - always make a copy of the entire packet for your records. You never know when you'll need the same/similar information for another form. It saves plenty of time if you need an address list a few years down the road. It's amazing how quickly one can forget the apartment addresses where you lived during college.


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            thanks for the post TOP i know for alot of us that are still in school we need all the post like this to help us out.


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