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  • County Drug Task Forces

    Have any of you ever been on a drug task force? Are the drug task forces made up of the counties police departments officers and members from the county Sheriffs office? Do the PD's select a person to be on it or does the county pick them all from a list of applicants?

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    I have never been on the DTF however I have worked undercover for them, I was just not assigned to their unit, I was an outsider, if you follow me. I worked for another agency and would go there, work undercover and then go back to my own agency after the drug buy/bust was over. In NH the DTF is under the Attorney General (through the state) and made up of officers from all departments, including state police that work out of several locations. They are assigned to the DTF for a certain amount of time before returning back to their original police department back to their patrol unit. Michelle


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      I have never been on the Drug Task Force, but our agency is a part of the Drug Task Force.

      Our Drug Task Force does consist of deputy sheriffs and police officers from police departments in our county.

      The police departments and sheriff's office administration determines who will be assigned to the Drug Task Force. We actually have both part time and full time members of the Drug Task Force. For example, an officer from a police department in the county may have an officer who works one day a week on the drug task force and patrol the rest of the week.

      I am sure that you probably already know this, but often times the grant money is contingent upon have a multi-agency drug task force, rather than an individual department drug unit to get the money for the grant.


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