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Would you work in the jails?


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  • Would you work in the jails?

    I'm a CSO. The county I work for is starting to develop a list for Detention Deputies. I am thinking I might apply as it would be a pay check and another foot in the door. They are really up in the air about when they are going to start another list for patrol deputies.

    Would you do it? Good experiences or bad experiences?

    Would like some input before I drop off my application.

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    Happy to be here proud to serve

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      There is no way I would EVER work in the jails. Never even applied to a Sheriff's Department because of it. (Yes, I know some sheriff departments only hire patrol deputies) The academy I went through in Wisconsin had their jailers for up to 10 years before ever hitting the road.

      Could it help your career? Sure. I know some jailers who say that they are a better street cop because of it. But don't take the job just for what it MIGHT do in the future, you have to like it as well. Are you not being paid as a CSO? That is good experience in itself.

      As always, just my .02



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        If it pays more, I would do it.


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          Well, I can tell you from experience. I liked working at county. The jails were cool. Somedays its more dangerous than the streets. Most of the long term inmates are the guys with serious criminal minds. It's a great place to learn about people and deceptive characteristics that criminals have.. it also gives you a better understaing of the criminals you will be dealing with on the street. You will learn a lot of patience and witty comebacks

          Heck, It's great experience..
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            Thanks for the input. Yes, it pays about $2.50 more per hour to start than I am currently making as a CSO. Right now I am only getting up to 20 hours a week if I am lucky, so this would get me going, get me benefits and a regular paycheck. Not to mention experience. My CSO experience is pretty good, I just need to earn more. On the other hand, we are supposed to be picking up more hours in January, so if I decide not to do the jail thing or don't get hired, I'll be better off than i was.

            I spoke to my Sgt. today and he said that he thought they would start testing for deputies by Jan. So hopefully I can hedge my bets and both of these processes will be going on at the same time. We will see. If I don't get a deputy job at least this will get me started.


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              One thing I would consider, is whether or not your agency moves people from the jail to the road, and how frequently? The other thing is, after working in a support position, and then going to the road, I think I would have a difficult time going back into any position that required me to be cooped up in an office, jail, dispatch etc. At least being a CSO you get the opportunity to be out and about, rather than stuck inside a building. Consider whether or not you're ready to be somewhat confined to the indoors.

              Best wishes on your decision.
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                Thanks GlockGirl, that has been on my mind. My dept does do a pretty good job at moving people out of the jail and on to the road. I do like being out on the road, but I know I can do the inside job for a while. If I have to sit at a phone all day, that's another story.

                I am coming to LE in mid-life and have been an office worker bee for many years. So I know I can put up with indoors for a little while at any rate. It really comes down to money. We (husband and I) just can't afford to get by with me on a less than full time paycheck.

                Still, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the patrol side will get thier act together soon and test for deputies, which may make this moot.

                Keep the input coming, I can really use it.



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                  Almost all of our road Deputies started in the jail, and a few have returned to the jail by choice. The freedom of the road is one thing, but it's always 70 degrees in the jail, your meals are included, the pay is almost the same, you know who the bad guys are, and back-up is only seconds away. That being said, it's definately not a job for everyone. Go with what you think is right for you.
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                    I would do it just to get my foot in the door. But, if I was a CSO I wouldn't think about doing it. You should have a good in without having to go work the jail. But as far as I go, I would do it without even blinking an eye. just my 2 cents
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                      I put in my application took the test and have my first interview next week. I took a little tour after the test and plan on doing a 6 hour shadow next Monday.

                      I know we may start to test for deputies in the next couple of months, but who knows when they will *really* start to hire and who knows where I'll place on the list. In reality, it may be next summer before I could start a patrol job.

                      So I am pushing on with the jail thing in hopes that I get it. I can put a few years in the jails and then move to the road later. I believe it will be a good move for me, I do need to develop those "working with difficult people" skills.

                      There is another more personal reason that is holding me back from joining the patrol side at this time... no not pregnant. So I think this will be a good thing, even though I know patrol is where I want to end up.

                      I hate to give up the CSO gig but we can't pay the bills on those hours. And I have to put money issues first and family happiness over what might be in the future.

                      So, please send good luck thoughts and keep fingers and toes crossed. My first interview is next Wednesday and if I pass that, the second interview is Nov. 1st with my Sheriff, Commander and Head Jail Admin. guy.



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                        Best of luck! Knock 'em dead.



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                          Praying for you. Praying that perfect, satisfying, well-paying job comes to you. And that nothing is beyond your reach.
                          Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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                            my agency's road patrol is 65 % former....jail dep's.....

                            they are more productive than the gusy that went st8 to the road,,,,

                            in any event....good luck...

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                              One thing that no one has mentioned is that when you start out in a jail, you meet EVERY scumbag that gets into trouble in your county, not just the few you run into in your patrol area. When you do hit the road, if that's what you choose, you'll be more likely to know who to watch for.
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