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Child Restraint - 169.685


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  • Child Restraint - 169.685

    I have heard from other officers the there are weight restrictions for childen as to when they have to be in a car seat or booster type seat. I have not been able to find these weights, so I am leaning on the idea that it was an old law and now is not enforceable. The only thing I have found pertaining to child safety seats is 169.685 and it only deals with age.

    169.685, Subd. 5. Violation; petty misdemeanor. (a) Every
    motor vehicle operator, when transporting a child under the age
    of four on the streets and highways of this state in a motor
    vehicle equipped with factory-installed seat belts, shall equip
    and install for use in the motor vehicle, according to the
    manufacturer's instructions, a child passenger restraint system
    meeting federal motor vehicle safety standards.

    (b) No motor vehicle operator who is operating a motor
    vehicle on the streets and highways of this state may transport
    a child under the age of four in a seat of a motor vehicle
    equipped with a factory-installed seat belt, unless the child is
    properly fastened in the child passenger restraint system. Any
    motor vehicle operator who violates this subdivision is guilty
    of a petty misdemeanor and may be sentenced to pay a fine of not
    more than $50. The fine may be waived or the amount reduced if
    the motor vehicle operator produces evidence that within 14 days
    after the date of the violation a child passenger restraint
    system meeting federal motor vehicle safety standards was
    purchased or obtained for the exclusive use of the operator.
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    I called the police department about this not too long ago. My daughter's daycare was trying to tell me my daughter, who is 8 years old, was required by law to ride in a car seat.

    Can you imagine trying to get an 8 year old into a child car seat?

    So, I called the police department and asked them. I was told the only requirement is for 4 years and younger but it is STRONGLY recommended that anyone under 70 pounds ride with a booster seat and buckled into the middle of the back seat.

    When I came back to her with the information from the police department she admitted that it is actually her preference. I still don't see how she's getting 60 lb. kids into car seats.


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      this is enforceable..child seats must be used to the manufactors specs..and that is a primary offense...you need to attend occupent protection training along with SFST class they tell you all this stuff.....burnsville has several classes comming up........
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