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Who has to provide their own firearms


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  • Who has to provide their own firearms

    I have a question for all of you. How many of you have to provide your own duty weapons.

    The main reason I am asking is because I have a friend of mine who is a New Orleans Police Officer who once worked for St. Louis Park P.D. as a police officer.

    Since the storm - New Orleans has gone to h*ll in a handbasket (as we all know) and due to the rioting and the lack of support and equipment of all kinds he has had to dig deep into his pockets to get the gear he needs - in the days following the storm he has had to buy his own tactical gear (Class IV tactical vest, bullet resistant helmet (namely because one of his fellow female officers was shot in the head and died instantly) and his own rifle - namely a AR-15 with 300 rounds of ammo.

    He calls up here quite often thanks to him still having a 952 area code cell phone - needless to say he and the rest of the folks are having a very hard time down there - he calls mainly to vent on what is happening, first it was the looters ---- not the ones who were taking food, but the ones who were taking TV sets with water pouring out them....and the rest (I'll save you the details - too graphic to say)

    And one more request I said I would make on his behalf - please take a few minutes to send your prayers to those who are only trying to serve and protect. Thank you.

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    Prayers sent.
    Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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      Do tell all the graphic details....we (as in citizens) should know all the sh*t that some of those f*ckwaffles are doing down there.


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        I agree 40cal, I should have been a little more precise.......I was more refering to his own personal graphic details - some of which can be more that a little embassasing to a law enforcement officer.

        I will say that he and about 200 other officers fled north to regroup, rearm, and to decide whether or not to go back in when the rest of the national guard went in.....His group went back in. He said things are a finally calming down a bit, but regardless, I think the whole city will be seeing shrinks for a long time to come.

        The ugly details are that NOPD is a very low paid department, that the department doesn't provide the needed equipment other officers have - and probably take for granted, Things like newer radio systems, MDT's, Shotguns, Rifles ect.

        Not to mention that the majority of the population is african-american who believes they are being put down by "the man" and of course - who is the symbol of "the man" the police officers (especially white officers) and to lesser degree the other rescue workers. I'm not sure how many of you heard of the police sharpshooters on the roofs, but the same kind of people who looted the Walmarts and other places that had firearms, but those people wanted all of the firearms that were in the police stations.


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          Back to the original question:
          I have to supply my own duty weapon - Glock 17 and 22.
          It gets pricey at $440+ per gun (with the police discount from Streichers)
          We intimidate those who intimidate others.


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            I also have to provide my own. I'm going with the Glock (kinda goes with the name) model 22. The Choices were Glock or Sig, .40 or .45 cal.
            What can brown do for you?


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              Just a quick ?

              Why do you have to have a 17 and a 22?

              Two diff. departments?


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                Before I was hired I bought the Glock 17. I had used the Glock 17 in SKILLS and liked the gun. The department I was hired onto required me to use my own firearm. So I used the Glock 17. Then Streichers had their Glock sale last month and then I purchased the Glock 22.
                I wanted a little more knock-down power. So I qualified with both guns and will carry the Glock 22 on-duty and the Glock 17 off-duty.
                Now I am able to write off two gun on my taxes, as well as, all the little accessories I purchased with them. Good deal, eh?
                We intimidate those who intimidate others.


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         that makes sense.

                  For transit I had bought a glock 32, but I then switched to a Wilson CQB, then I switched to a Nighthawk Custom Talon.

                  Otherwise the state issues my duty weapon, a glock 22

                  At my previous dept. I had to purchase a smith and wesson sigma sw40F.

                  That thing was the biggest POS I have ever had the displeasure to own.
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                    I must purchase my own weapon, a Clock .40. I use it for both PD's. We get 500 bucks a year which we can purchase uniforms and weapons with. It doesn't leave much for uniforms with the gun purhcase the first year.


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                      We have to purchase our own weapons and the Glock toy is not on the list. Neither is any other caliber but .45 and 9mm. I own A Sig P226 9mm, a Sig P220 .45, and a Sig P245 .45 ACP. We can only buy from certain manufacturers, Sig Sauer, Berretta, Smith & Wesson, and Ruger.
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