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THE L.E.A.P. Test


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  • THE L.E.A.P. Test

    Anyone take the LEAP test? Can you give any pointers?

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    The moon is NOT made of cheese...that was one of the ?'s on the test when I took it.


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      YES. I DO! Trust me. I've taken that test Dozens of times.

      The thing to remember is, that particular test is evaluated against how other officers have answered. It measure how you as a candidate have similar personality traits of a police officer. THIS IS WHAT I LEARNED: (after reading a thesis on police personalities)

      Officers :
      1. Tend to have a high breadth of interest. Meaning they enjoy a variety of things and are likely to pursue outside interests
      2. Have higher levels of social confidence.
      3. Tend to be very traditional.
      4. DO NOT WANT to be the center of attention and will often retreat from social contact when off duty. And, generally only keep a small circle of close friends.
      5. Have a high tolerance because they are exposed to diverse groups who often differ from themselves in attitudes and customs. Officers generally have to maintain openmindedness in order to keep their personal perspectives from biasing their response to situations.
      6. Have a higher energy level.
      7. Score high in the responsibility area because their job is to protect and serve, hence leading them to feel moral obligation to individuals in society... pretty much everywhere they go.

      Just keep that information in mind when you are taking the test. Again, the test is about how well you match up to the typical Police Officer personality Characteristics.

      OH... and its a true or false test. I forget how many questions, but its a lot.
      like 350 or something. It usually takes about an hour or so... they usally give you an hour and a half to take the test.
      Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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        I took it about a week first thought was it was dumbed down verson of the MMPI-2 test....

        T or F - I have meet someone who is from another planet. - A - F. But I have meet someone who so weird that they could have been from another planet.


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          I hope your information, InSane1, does not persuade the original poster now to answer a certain way. I would suggest answering the questions the way you would normally, not against a thesis of personality traits of police officers. My .02



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            I knew somebody would say that.

            I would hope that every candidate answered with honesty. The test is also designed to point out liars or "test manipulators". Even knowing what I know about the LEAP test, I think I always averaged about an 80+%.

            I HIGHLY recommend answering honestly, because it is similar to the MMPI-2, which most agencies use for Psych testing... Never try to bull**** the psychologist... They call you on it. Some agencies may give your psych evaluator the test results.
            Last edited by InSane1; 09-02-2005, 05:56 PM.
            Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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              Thanks, the info should be usefull


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