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Did anyone read this? Article on MPD


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  • Did anyone read this? Article on MPD

    Minneapolis police training questioned

    Rochelle Olson, Star Tribune
    August 6, 2005 POLICE0806

    Minneapolis Police Federation President John Delmonico accused city leaders Friday of jeopardizing public safety with a condensed orientation for six new hires.

    Delmonico has filed a grievance with the Police Department over the decision to put the new officers on the streets after one week of orientation instead of the standard 12-week academy training.

    Delmonico, who leads the union that represents police officers, claims the shorter training session is designed to aid Mayor R.T. Rybak's reelection bid by getting cops on the street sooner.

    Assistant Chief Tim Dolan counters that Delmonico's complaints are an attempt to embarrass Rybak.

    "It's strictly political," Delmonico said. "It's jeopardizing the safety of cops. It's jeopardizing the safety of citizens just to make the mayor look good."

    Delmonico said that typically in a 12-week session, officers will spend 40 to 80 hours on firearms training alone. They'll also study report writing, defensive tactics, "verbal judo," dealing with emotionally disturbed people, community relations and diversity training.

    "Why are they deviating from a practice that has been done for 20 years all of the sudden?" Delmonico asked.

    At issue are six new hires scheduled to begin orientation Monday and be on the streets Aug. 15. Deputy Chief Don Harris said all six officers come from departments throughout the country and have at least five years of experience.

    The officers will be pulled off the streets and start the full three-month training academy Sept. 26, with an anticipated 12 additional hires from other departments.

    "We're trying to satisfy a short-term need to put officers on the street," Harris said.

    Dolan said if the training were insufficient, department leadership never would have allowed it. Traditionally, officers who have been hired from other departments -- known as lateral hires -- have gone through the longer training session with new officers. But Dolan said the question has always been: Do those lateral hires need that much training?

    "We need to give them a lot more credit," Dolan said.

    He noted that he and other department leaders were lateral hires in the early 1980s and only had a few days of training.

    "I feel very comfortable. I don't feel like I'm risking peoples' lives," he said of the shortened training.

    City Council Public Safety Committee Chairman Dan Niziolek said he has some questions about the shorter training and he's started asking.

    Of Police Chief Bill McManus, Niziolek said, "He's clearly in the middle of a political game and he's been told to do something. Is he cutting corners? Hopefully not."

    Rybak's spokesman Jeremy Hanson said the mayor had "extensive discussions with the police command to guarantee that we get officers on the street as quickly as possible with the proper training."

    June, July and August tend to be the highest-intensity months on the streets, he said, and the mayor acted as soon as the Legislature sent more state aid.

    "We're going to continue to push to get as many officers on the street as we can," Hanson said.

    Rybak announced in mid-July that he would bring on 60 new police officers as quickly as possible. That number increased to 71 when Rybak released his 2006 budget earlier this month.

    Throughout, Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin, the mayor's main reelection rival, has been critical of a public safety strategy that he describes as "too little, too late."

    Of the new hires, he said, "A week's training is inviting trouble," but indicative of what he called Rybak's "slapdash" approach to public safety.

    "Now that he's facing the primary, he has to get them on the street," McLaughlin said.

    The primary is Sept. 13. Both McLaughlin and Rybak are expected to easily advance to a November runoff.

    Rochelle Olson is at [email protected].

    *My .02, they need to go through the academy like everyone else. It sucks (definetly an understatement, I know) but its worth it in the end.


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    Yeah..like I said MPD can never be happy......and I am not blaming the union on this one bit
    Happy to be here proud to serve

    "Well it appears this lock does not accept american express."

    Never trust fire fighters to point out a suspect.


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      with five years experience? Ahhh... one week is pretty short no matter where you come from. If you're from out of state, learning MN elements should at least be one focus. However, I think that its safe to say these officers must have been doing something right or have some knowledge of MN law if they passed a reciprocity exam.

      I also recommend Use of force because every agency has their way of doing things.... I remember backing Minneapolis DTF One day... and Our Felony stop protocol was take everyone out one at a time. theirs was.. Take everyone out at once. Needless to say all of my agency officers talked about that experience for a while. But I understand their thinking.

      I dont think three months is warranted given their experience, but more than a week would be a wise move of CYA on their end.
      Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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        this is simply a deal to get more bodies on the street before the election....it means nothing they will be with FTO's the entire time but they need to think about shortening this school to like 6-7 weeks of MPD policy review, state laws, search seaizure MPD paper work and use of force. 12 weeks is kinda long for laterals but eh what can ya do.
        Happy to be here proud to serve

        "Well it appears this lock does not accept american express."

        Never trust fire fighters to point out a suspect.


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          Originally posted by squad51
          12 weeks is kinda long for laterals but eh what can ya do.
          Tell me about it...



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