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Background Question for my fellow Minnesotans


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  • Background Question for my fellow Minnesotans

    Ok I have a background question for those of you who have just gone through it or who have done backgrounds.

    I submitted my very lengthy BI packet and it arrived on June 20th and it has been about 23 buisness days (weekdays only - no weekends or holidays) and I have had a chance to speak to some of the folks who I have listed in my packet - friends, co-workers, and law enforcement officers. So far all of them have told me that they haven't been contacted as of yet.

    The position is a FT LEO spot for a town of 1300 people.

    My questions are 1-How long should I expect until I hear something? 2-Do they contact every single person on the list that I give or just pick at random? 3-Should I contact the agency and inquire about an update and to just restate that I am still interested in the position? 4-If I do contact the agency - do you think it would be helpful to mention that I had received an award shortly after I had submitted my packet?

    UGH - Waiting to hear something has to be the hardest part of the hiring process.


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    yeah I hear you on the BG thing it sucks huge.......I am being backgrounded for a new cop spot and I ain't liking it.
    Happy to be here proud to serve

    "Well it appears this lock does not accept american express."

    Never trust fire fighters to point out a suspect.


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      I handed in my BG packet on January 1st and I heard back from them June 1st. They usually take their time.
      We intimidate those who intimidate others.


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        I am a backgrounder for my agency so I will answer your questions from our perspective.

        1. This varies. When I do backgrounds we have very specific time constraints. e.g., I will get the background packets October 1, and they will be due by the end of November.

        2. This also varies. I personally will attempt to contact most if not all people listed. I will also attempt to contact them in person if possible, if not via telephone and if worse comes to worse via US mail.

        On a side note to #2: Generally speaking, references you list don't mean a whole lot as most (it should be all) references will give a good review of a candidate. I as a backgrounder really don't give a hill of beans what one's references have to say unless it is an atypical reference and give reasons why the candidate should not be hired. What I use references for is to glean other names of people who know the candidate. As I keep doing this with people that know the candidate, eventually the parties get farther removed from the candidate to the point where the person(s) that I interview could care less if the candidate gets a job or not, and generally will give more candid information regarding the candidate.

        3. Up to you. I would not as they may be doing multiple backgrounds and as in the example illustrated above, if I am doing multiple backgrounds, and have a two month period to do them, I will generally work on one at a time until completed. So if you happen to be the last person that I start backgrounding it may be a couple of months before you here from me, or your references, contacts, previous/current employer(s).

        4. I would wait. I don't know what the agency you applied for has for procedures, but I will always contact the person being backgrounded prior to starting their investigation for an "initial interview". In that interview I will go over your background packet with you to ensure that no information is omitted or incorrect. I also advise the party being backgrounded that I will be contacting their current employer so if they have not informed them that I will be coming, they probably should. Given this, I would wait until the interview to give the information to the backgrounder. Also, we meet with the candidates prior to completing the background investigation. This is to give them a chance to respond to information that my be revealed during the background, as it is unfair not to give the person a chance to respond.

        Of course, this is just for my agency and other agencies may go about theirs differently.

        Just my .02...hope it helps


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          40cal - thank you, thank you - you have been most informative. This is the first time I have been through a background with a law enforcement agency for a sworn full time and paid position.

          The only others that I have been through have been though my current employer which never asked for so much information. Even some of the law enforcement officers that I know are shocked when I mention that the packet I submitted was about 60 pages long. They all make jokes asking if I applied with the NSA or the Men in Black.

          My only fear is I won't hear anything.

          I also should ask this question.....should I stop applying for other depts or continue until I hear something from the background?


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            If I were looking for a cop job, I would not stop applying and/or looking until I was actually employed.


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              Well my main reason for starting this thread was because when the chief called me and asked if I wanted to fill out the BG packet it was because the full time LEO was going to be leaving in a few weeks and he wanted to get another person in the BG process and bring them on board shortly after the guy left.

              It's been almost 2 months since I last heard from the chief and none of the people listed in the packet have received a call as of yet, which includes several law enforcement officers who know me because I am a Reserve Officer.

              -----Deep Breaths-----

              Ok, I hate waiting - but I know what some of you are already going to say - patience young padawan.


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                Keep applying elsewhere!



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                  argrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgr I hate this getting backgrounded feeling I am so apprehensive about going out to the mailbox..or answering the phone...gawd I wish it was over and I knew.....
                  Happy to be here proud to serve

                  "Well it appears this lock does not accept american express."

                  Never trust fire fighters to point out a suspect.


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                    yeah it sucks, but it is one thing you have no control over. Just sit back, and enjoy some popcorn from the movie theater in your living room while watching one of your 2 billion some-odd movies that you have


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                      Yes it does suck. Anyway I have been and continue to apply anywhere there is a FT spot available. I just applied with State Patrol since they just made an annoucement. 16 weeks of rookie school - but I have to pass all of the testing and background before I can even think of rookie school. Does anyone know who I should contact about going on a ride-along with a Trooper before the testing? Just so I have a better insight into the patrol?

                      Well I have 3 more apps to mail out today before I head to bed (work nights and the PO isn't open as of yet)


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                        You want to ride in the metro?

                        East side is,

                        651 779-5900

                        West side is,

                        763 591-4680


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                          Yep - I'm in the metro area. Thank you for the numbers.


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