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    Passed my POST board and I am starting to apply at places. Many of the departments hold an "oral board". What does this consist of? Any advise would be great! Haven't gotten that far yet, but want to prepare myself a little.
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    Do a search on here, tons of posts about this subject.
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      Your Oral Board is your interview panel. A lot of agencies have very different hiring processes. Some have tests, video, or written, possibly the LEAP or the dreaded ARI test. Some agencies actually have an 8 page application, which is the test itself that is scored. In fact, I know that Maple Grove and Robbinsdale use that type of test currently. If you want to see what that looks like, they might have it on their websites still.

      Oral Board/Oral Panel/interview panel/oral interview it's all the same thing just semantics. Some have one two and up to five or six people. More recently, I noticed a lot of agencies videotaping the interview, which is a new one to me.

      The Interview panel can consist of the City manager, city counsel members, Captains, Sergeants, Officers, police civillian workers, and veteran police reserves. It just depends on who they ask to be a part of it all. More and more agencies like different opinions and don't rely soley on the officers and brass to make the decisions. They get the admin of the Police department and other city departments involved. Good luck in your job search. It's a competative field. What works for some, doesn't work for others... so make sure anything you present to an oral board is something that you can convincingly pass off as the real you.

      And one more thing.... ADVICE IS SPELLED A-D-V-I-C-E not ADVISE
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        well let me tell ya Eagans Panel was one of the toughest I have ever been through....
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          Thanks for the A-D-V-I-C-E, and correction on the spelling. I guess I need to read what I write and spell check it-huh?
          Actually, this one department has an interview as a step and Oral Boards as another, that is why I am confused, I guess I thought they were the same also.
          PS How's my spelling this time?
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            Usually and interview could be with a patrol SGT or even the Chief if it is a smaller town... Oral boards are usually when your infront of a group of people form ie, Town council, city council, Police hire board, etc...

            Interviews usually weed out the people that SGT or Chief doesn't want patroling his streets...

            Disclaimer: This is based soley on my experiences... Individual result may very!
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              Thanks. This is really a nerve racking process, isn't it?
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                First congrats and welcome to the job search.

                I am not a L.E. officer, but I have been through a couple of different interview panels - small town, county sheriff, suburban pd and all are different.

                For the small town it was a 5 person board (largest I have interview with) which consisted of the following personnel Chief of Police, City Manager, Mayor, a City Counsel Member, and a citizen of the community.

                County was with 3 - an HR rep, patol deputy, and patrol sgt.

                suburb was with 4 Patrol Sgt., Community Liason Officer, detective, and one of the PD's office staff.

                Basically - every dept goes about it in they way they believe is best for their dept.

                Oh - and you and your nerves are your biggest enemy in the interview board.


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                  It is not worth it to be nervous... Just go in there do your thing and walk out with a smile on your face... If you know your stuff... The answers to the questions they ask will come naturally!

                  I get anxiety also... Before I go into an interview... Stop take a couple of deep breaths and do your thing! It is way easier to give a great interview if you just take a second to relax.

                  I assume you have an interview soon?

                  Good Luck if you do!!
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                    Thanks for the advice/info.
                    I think relaxing is easier said than done. I have had one interview, I did good, missed the next phase by 8/10 of a point, if that makes sense.....it didn't to me. That was an "interview" , there were 4 people from different areas in the department, which sounds more like an "oral Boards" to me, from what I have heard. Maybe the difference is what kind of questions they ask? personal vs knowledge?
                    I have started applying and looking at the different processes at the departments though and just want to get myself as prepared as I can. I am testing for a department next week, it will be my first test, not really sure what to expect for that either I guess.
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                      Here are my .02 on written test... whether you want it or not

                      Most tests are not too bad... They are long usually 3-5 hours with allot of questions. Things to practice are:

                      Remembering a picture then being able to think of what you saw about 5 mins after you seen the pic. Usually how they do this is: you get a pretty conjested pic, imagine the pic in 4 sections, then using your finger circle the things you think are important. They will give you 5 mins to look at it, then they will take the pic away and give you 5 mins to just sit there and think about what you saw... Practice helps! Try the finger thing... It works for me!

                      Reading comprehension, the trick I use is to read the question then read the pharagraph, so you don't waste a bunch of time trying to highlight what you think are important points. You can find the answer and go on to the next question.

                      Directions on a map. They will show you a bunch of streets and tell you to go from point A to point B withOUT breaking traffic laws... Take your time... Not to tough, unles you have trouble with maps

                      Some people have had Math on there test, I havn't seen it... Wouldn't be bad to refresh your high school math knowledge..

                      Their is usually some English on the test, I am the crappiest English person ever, I haven't had any problems with it.

                      Even though each section is timed... Make sure you read the question throughly, don't rush yourself...
                      I hope this helps, There are allot of good books out there if you need alittle extra...

                      Good Luck on your TEST!!
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                        How odd. I have Never... Ever taken a test that you just described. Is that some sort of out of state test? Trust me.. I've taken more than my share of tests.. and they can range from knowing elements to word association.... but I have never seen a test where they showed you pictures then took them away and showed you them minutes later.

                        The main tests are the LEAP (true or false psych test), Frontline, ARI, CWH and personalized made up tests. A lot of agencies have a report writting componant. More and more agencies now a days will either show you a video scenerio or have a tape recording of a scenerio and you have to write a report based on what you've seen or heard. I encourage everyone to know thier elements, use common sense and to be able to verbalize your thought process.

                        As far as interviews... Know the definition to several terms... including these two: #1-Integrity & #2 Discretion.
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                          The department I was hired onto never had any sort of written test. Just an interview.
                          Each agency is different in the way they test and each test is different. There is really no way for you to be prepared for the test. You can take one test for an agency and do really well, then take the same test for another agency answer the same way and then get horrible results. The agency will score the tests in a way that best suits the type of personality they are looking for. I got hired with mt department because they already had a Traffic Nazi, the Electronic Guru, the My Life is All About Guns guy, the I'm as Dumb as a Box of Rocks Guy and the Chronic Complainer Gal. However, they did not have the Medici personality. They look at the tests and the interviews and determine if you personality fits the department and the whether or not you will fit in with the rest of the group.
                          In the personality and psychological type tests it is better to answer in the positive for every question. Some of these test have questions like: I like to read poetry? True or False? I sometimes take picture of flowers? True or False? You may hate poetry or never take pictures of flowers but answer that you do. I tried this on one of my last LEAP test and I scored very high...
                          My .02 cents.
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                            The test I am taking sounds like the one Hutch explained, they sent a practice one for you to look at. You know, it is quite interesting how different the departments are. Thanks all, for your.... .02 Believe it or not it helps a little.
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                              the test that is being described is not some sort of out of state test. I have taken this test as part of a reserve officer application process with a tiwn cities department. They also use a similar test for officers from what I have been told. They did in fact do the memorization test with the picture for 5 minutes. They also gave us a sheet of scratch paper to jot down notes. I guess I am a little surprised that many have never heard of a test like this. The testing described sounded pretty much dead on from my testing exp. I also know that most police officer pretesting books on the market focus on the main areas that were described. there is my 2 cents
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