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  • PERA Retirements

    Knowing that the PERA retirement changes go into effect July 1st, I was expecting to see a huge amount of job postings right about now. After checking the POST pretty vigilantly for the past month or 2, there doesn't seem to be any more postings then normal on the POST website. Anyone have any idea on when we applicants will start seeing the influx of openings everyone has been talking about?

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    Check more than just the POST website.. Agencies are not required to post there and do not post there as much as other states do on similar websites... Check city, county and state websites and league of MN cities for job postings or call your interested area agencies to see what hiring plans are... And I know this might sound crazy given our current technological times but newspapers often post openings as well.. Good luck..
    - Bluecrew
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      PERA Retirements

      While I don't know if this will directly answer your question, I do know that some people will not make their intentions known until the last minute. For example, I retired at the end of December 2010 when our county was offered an early rerirement buyout. It was county wide, not just the sheriff's office. When I met with employee relations, the gal there explained to me that typically many people wait until the last minute to announce. It is also customary to give an employer a two week notice. Since the gap between your last salary payment and your first PERA annuity is shortest if you retire at the last possible day of the month, that day is June 30, 2014. So, for those oficers and deputies that are giving a two week notice, the day might be Monday, June 16, 2014.

      The other thing to be mindful of is some, perhaps many, organizations don't even begin the process until the incumbent is out the door. So, that being the case, there may have actually been somewhat fewer announcements recently in anticipation of retirements at the end of June.

      So, the increase in announcements that you have been expecting this spring that did not happen, may actually happen, but a bit later than you expected.

      The other thing that you are probably well aware of is some police departments and sheriff's offices may already have a list of folks that they can still pick from. That may or may not be good news for potential hires now. If say a PD still has an active list, when they start calling to have people move forward in the process, they may find that more folks have already been snapped up. While that may always be the case, this will probably be a bigger ripple for a while and then there might be a bigger drop in hiring for a while as it is likely that fewer people wil be retiring before age 55.

      For the people here wanting to be a deputy sheriff, being licensed, or eligible to be licensed, and working as a correctional deputy for that same county might put you in a very good position right now. Granted, not all counties do this, but I seem to hear about a fair number of counties that are willing to move civilian jailers over to sworn if you are doing a good job at the jail.

      Similarly, this is probably a very good time to be a community service officer and eligible to be licensed. Granted, that is probably always the case, but being in that position, with an anticipated increase in hiring, has got to be a morale booster for many people right now.
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        Good responses. I can't help but observe that local media coverage of the 'retirement wave' hasn't made it seem worse then it is (if it really is anthing).

        PERA made the announcement quite some time ago, and as a result many of the retirements have allready happened. In my dept we had one who left last March. In my area (South central MN) it seems like whoever was close to that 30 year mark has left. Not only that but there are quite a few in their later 40s who were looking forward to going, and now have to grind it out to 55 or take the %5 hit per year before 55, or retire and go do some other job and not draw PERA till 55.

        With all the media drum beating of MPD and SPPD having all the retirements, people fail to understand that that they can only hire X number per year. Just look through prior posts regardng how many MPD can have in an academy class, and how long it takes to get those people from application, to tests, to backgrounds, to job offers to academies. Add to that how many get washed during the process and FTO.

        I think you'll see ongoing hiring from the 'big two' in the metro for the next year or so, but they will maintain, not hire on 100 people at a time as many are being lead to believe. As for suburbs, the retirements have allready come, again well before the July date. For the last 2 times Bloomington has hired they have taken 8-12, which was unheard of when I first started trying to get jobs back 1998-99.

        As was also stated, for other places jobs may not be posted until later in the summer or early fall when it seems more suburban departments tend to start a process. Checking on-line, and in print, and city websites is a good way to stay in the know. Some cities post only on the city website and not the POST site.

        I have 21 years to go for 30 if I can hold together that long. In the last year I started kicking around at trying with metro area departments the biggest thing that stuck with me was feeling obsolete, and that my 14 years of Police experience were meaningless to the people interviewing me. There was alot of talk of diversity, handholding, and feel good things. But no one seemed to care much about working in a small department and having to use your head, make sound decisions and do lots with few resources.

        I dont envy people starting out right now, but in some ways I'm not different then them. Good luck in your job search. The thing that catches us off guard is the slow change of the guard. Most of the peple who started in the late 1970s or early 80s are done now. I worked with several guys who started then, and hearing of the "old days" was always a treat.

        Good luck to you in your search!


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          To avoid any penalties, people had to have been retired and off the job before June 1st of this year. If you planned to retire after June 1st of this year, you may as well wait 3 years to avoid the penalty. So to answer your question, those that were going to go – are gone already.

          The 2nd part of your question about when agencies will hire is – in time. It takes time for HR to process the retirement paperwork and get approval to hire additional bodies. Not to mention many agencies are looking at increasing their FTE’s and only want to have 1 or 2 hiring processes (they are expensive and time consuming).

          S0 departments are calculating how many retired + how many will the city let us add = number of officers that we will post for. Not only that, fiscal years from Oct 1 – Oct 1, so I would expect the “mass hiring” to start (job postings) by August perhaps with start dates closer to the end of the year (caveat: agencies like MPD, SPPD and other larger departments have more room to hire throughout the year).
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            The POST Board was flooded with job postings about November through January or so and it's a 4-6 month process to actually get hired. Many departments were getting ahead of the game and compiling an eligibility listing so that they have people ready to go when the retirements hit. MPD and SPPD are currently backgrounding people for their next academies to start this fall. Once they hire and hire again, I think you will see more openings from other departments, as they seem to recruit laterals pretty heavily and have separate academies for them.

            I also think the news overplayed this like they do everything else. There are plenty of guys/gals who could retire with the new changes but are choosing not to for whatever reason.


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              There is also currently a COPS grant application period taking place and I think a lot of suburban departments are trying for this. Therefore, they may be holding off on posting until they find out if they got any funds and how many they can hire.

              And as stated earlier, I think some depts wait to post until MPD and SPPD get done with their processes, if they are depts that typically lose laterals to those agencies.

              I would predict that within a year, the mass hirings will all be done until the current mid 40's officers start retiring at age 55.
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