Does anybody have any suggestions on a good way to select an attorney? Here is the quick synopsis. My mother died this year and both of my sisters and I now own her single family home in Joint Tenancy. As is often the case in matters like this, one sister is great to work with and the other completely unreasonable. So far I have identified at least five possible scenarios:

-Do nothing and the property goes in a tax forfeiture sale.

-Sell quick with a We Buy Ugly Houses (or similar) company.

-Sell with a traditional real estate company.

-My good sister and I could each sign a Quit Claim Deed and be done with it. That leaves the other sister the burden of dealing with the house.

-Start a Partition Action. I have looked at Chapter 558 and although I did my Marriage Dissolution pro se (no attorney), I am probably not comfortable doing a Partition without an attorney.

Anyway, since this is in rural Pine County Minnesota, I will probably select an attorney that offices in that area. Beyond that, does anybody know of any good way to help me in selecting an attorney? It is possible I am thinking too much on this. Maybe this is simply as routine as doing an eviction and it really won't matter much who I select. Maybe they all charge about the same for something like that and all would do a comparable job, but I just don't know. Any thoughts?